Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trivia Quiz #9

Congratulations to Craig for taking the time to go through all those covers and getting the logos all correct!

I sense that the logo quiz didn't go over as well as I hoped, so here's your regular text-only trivia for the month.

1. How many of the marriages, deaths, other relationships, and events seen in the original Adult Legion story (ADV 354-355) can you name that actually occurred in mainstream pre-ZH Legion continuity?

2. What are the highest and lowest selling Legion-related comics in the last 10 years?

3. Which identical or very similar power sets have been wielded by both male and female Legionnaires? (Example: Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass)

4. Name three 30th century sports.

5. In current continuity, which members have joined the team since the series started? (All others were shown to be members in issue 1. This question refers to "real" Legionnaires with flight rings and code names and pictures in the opening credits.)

6. What was unique about Animal Lad's rejection at Legion tryouts?

7. Lar Gand was held in a Zone that has had at least three different names across the various continuities. What names has the Zone gone by in that time?


Matthew E said...

I can attempt remarkably few of these. Usually there are more I can at least take a stab at, but...

3. Well, Lightning Lad/Lightning Lass, like you said. Superboy/Supergirl and/or Mon-El/Andromeda; some combination of those. I've always thought that Kono was supposed to fill in for a combination of Phantom Girl + Star Boy + Light Lass + extra, but I don't know if you want to count that; probably not. Gates/Veilmist. Kid Quantum/Kid Quantum. How about Timber Wolf/Catspaw? Leviathan/LeViathan? Dragonmage/White Witch? Dream Boy/Dream Girl. Blok/Monstress? Tellus/Saturn Girl (not identical, but similar).

4. Moopsball. Isn't there one called spaceball? And I remember they played volleyball in that Dr. Regulus issue on Brande's World...

5. Invisible Kid joined in #1. Supergirl and Timber Wolf joined in... #15 or #16. Dream Boy joined in #18, but I'm not sure he has a flight ring. A loose invitation was extended to Mon-El a couple of issues ago, but he hasn't really had time to accept it. I think Theena is going to end up belonging on this list, but she really doesn't yet.

Matthew E said...

Oh, and for #4: how could I forget magnoball, of all things?!

Michael Rebain said...

The first question is the only one I have any imagined expertise about so here goes:

Weddings: Saturn Girl/Woman and Lightning Lad/Man; Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy/Man

Deaths: Chemical King, Reflecto (at least in some form)

Other Relationships: although not married, the Cosmic Boy/Man and Night Girl/Woman relationship was ongoing.

Events: Bouncing Boy losing his powers again; Matter-Eater Lad leaving to enter politics on Bismoll; Timber Wolf becoming a member; Polar Boy becoming a member (although not due to the merging of the two groups indicated in the Adult Legion story); Collossal Boy losing his powers through an injury (? not sure about that one)

Michael Rebain said...

6. Animal Lad was rejected because Dynamo Boy (who was running that series of tryouts) determined that he couldn't be tempted to turn criminal.

John M. said...

2. This is a pure guess but the End of an Era issues of the Glorith reboot for the lowest selling issues, and the Zero issues rebooting everything as the highest sellers.

4. Magnoball, moopsball, and balball

6. He was rejected because he was good! Dynamo Boy had taken over the Legion during this time, and the tryouts were for him to recruit villans for his cause.

7. Phantom Zone (original); Bgztl Buffer Zone(Glorith rebbot); Statis Zone (post-Zero Hour)

I think that the other answers prior to mine have hit on the right answers to the other questions.

Jonathan Miller said...

Wow, this is what I get for not checking the blog soon enough--people have already beat me to the right answers for most of the questions!

The only one I don't see answered essentially correctly (though I'm sure there are more answers to #3, like Cos and Magnetic Kid--and Magno, for that matter) that I know at least part of the answer to is:

2. The issue of the current series where Supergirl joined (#16) is, I think, the highest selling issue of the past 10 years. As for lowest, I'm going to guess v.4 #121, the first issue before the Abnett/Lanning start. (And I note that I hated the "Legion of the Damned" storyline, but I'd bet it sold better than the issues immediately preceding it.) Just a guess, though.

As for 4., wasn't there robot boxing/fighting back in an Adventure story? Does that count as a sport?

Matthew E said...

I'm sure there are more answers to #3, like Cos and Magnetic Kid--and Magno, for that matter

Yeah, but Michael specified opposite-sex pairs.

Jonathan Miller said...

You're right. I must be more than the half-asleep I thought I was!