Monday, March 05, 2007

Trivia Quiz - Special Edition #1

In lieu of my regular 1st Monday trivia quiz, I decided to try something different this month (but if nobody likes this, I've got a backup ready). Instead of answering questions about 49 years of Legion history, here are 49 years worth of Legion logos. Some of them you'll recognize as regular logos, some are one-off special logos, and some are just lettered or mechanical text. Your simple task is to put them into chronological order of appearance. If this goes over well, I've got similar quizzes later.

Hints (which may or may not be hints):
1. I didn't modify anything about the logo itself except to remove extraneous artwork or color, except for one logo which I rotated 90 degrees so it's horizontal.
2. I didn't change any logo background or foreground colors.
3. All logos are proportional in size. The covers I took them from were basically the same dimensions. Logo A was physically the smallest, while Logo X took up the most room on the cover.

Bonus points if you can point to which issue I took the logo from.


























Matthew E said...


Okay, here are the ones I know.

E: I can't see E at all. Is it my browser?
I: From the Archive editions.
J: From... sometime in the threeboot, I'm pretty sure.
K: From sometime in the reboot.
M: From sometime in the Baxter series, LSH v3.
N: Also from sometime in the threeboot.
P: From that issue of the Baxter series where Tyr was looming over the five lost Legionnaires from the background.
Q: From the 'Superboy And...' era.
R: From Adventure Comics?
S: That's from LSH v4 sometime.
T: LSH v2, Levitz-Giffen era or thereabouts.
X: Cockrum-Grell era?

Michael said...

E is the purple one. It shows up on my computer...

Matthew E said...

Okay, I see it now. Don't know why I didn't before. Whatever; I don't recognize it.

Alan Williams said...

C. I think this is the Adventure Comics issue that introduced Star Boy.
H. I'm pretty sure that's from Adventure Comics 247.
I. The archives.
J. The beginning of the title change on the current book to Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes.
K. Either the reboot or the period just before the reboot, right after they'd changed the logo (starting with the "Legion on the Run" storyline)
L. I think that's from the cover of Superboy 199, which shows Timber Wolf going nuts on the cover.
M. On a guess, this is issue 51 of the Baxter LSH series.
N. Pre-"Supergirl and..." in the current run.
O. I think that's from the 80-page giant that first showed the LSH's origin.
Q. Hmmm...the second part of the League of Super-Assassins story is my guess.
R. I think that's the logo from the issue that introduced the character of Dvron.
S. Early in the 5-Year Gap LSH; I think it's from the third part of "The Quiet Darkness."
T. First issue of "The Great Darkness Saga."
U. From the special issue that combined all the stories about Lightning Lad's death and return together (and had those horrid reader-designed costumes).
V. Fourth issue of the first LSH series, which only reprinted the Command Kid 2-parter and the Computo 2-parter.
W. I think this is from the issue that introduced Leland McCauley IV back in the 1970s.
X. Definitely from sometime before the Reflecto storyline after the LSH took over Superboy's book, but I don't know which issue.

Those are just my guesses, obviously....

Craig Richardson said...

I think I've pegged pretty much all of them, although in a couple of instances, the same logo/coloring can be found on multiple issues. In most cases, you can still order them chronologically without knowing the specific issue. In the case of the Legion Archives, I assumed it is the first volume, which allows it to be positioned, although the logo appeared on 12 vols over a 10 year period. Here goes (in chrono order):

H Adventure Comics #247
C Adventure Comics #300
D Adventure Comics #319, 329, 331 or 347
O Superboy v1 #147
B Superboy v1 #172
U Adventure Comics #403
F Superboy v1 #183
V Legion of Super-Heroes v1 #4
l Superboy v1 #197
R Superboy v1 #207
W Superboy v1 #213
Q Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #223, 226, or 244
X Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #259
T Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #312
P Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #8
M Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #30
I Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Volume 1
S Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #28
A Legion of Super-Heroes v4 Annual #4
K Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #89
E Legion of Super-Heroes v4 #99
G Titans/Legion of Super-Heroes: Universe Ablaze #2
N Legion of Super-Heroes v5 #10 or 11
J Legion of Super-Heroes v5 #13

Michael said...

Holy crap! How did you get all of those, even the obscure ones? Did you look through the Grand Comics Database or something (like I did)? I'm impressed.

Craig Richardson said...

Having scanned and photoshopped a gazillion covers for the Legionwiki, many of the logos I could pinpoint from recent memory. To check specific logo/color combinations, I simply flipped through my collection, taking the opportunity to search for the more obscure versions as I did so.