Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wizard World LA '07: Day 1 - new writer announced

Newsarama brings news from Wizard World LA's DC Nation panel Friday that Tony Bedard will start off as the Legion's next writer, at least for a bit.

DiDio then said that Tony Bedard is going to be doing some issues of Legion of Super-Heroes after Mark Waid.

After Mark Waid?

Reached for comment Friday evening, Waid told Newsarama:

"Since it's been announced, I may as well confirm. Because Barry [Kitson's] moving to Marvel and we've been the Legion team since the relaunch, I can't see doing the book without him.

"The timing of it all means we had to move our plans up a few months, so issue #30 will be our last, and I'm moving on.

"That booming noise you hear is the sound of message board posters around the world whooping in delight. Judging by the internet, I will not be missed."

There's some of that message board poster reaction further on after the main article.

Also at the panel, they said that World War III will explain why Supergirl is with the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century.

CBR has the same news (minus the Waid quotes), but clarifies the new creative team situation a bit.
With news of Mark Waid and Bary Kitson’s departure from “Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes” already out, DiDio revealed that writer Tony Bedard would be handling the series for several issues before the new as yet unknown creative team took over. On a related note, DiDio mentioned that the mysteries surrounding Supergirl and her adventures in the future will be explained in DC’s upcoming “World War III” storyline.

On the other hand, Comics Continuum's write up implies that the new team is known just not announced:
"We have a writer and an artist," DiDio said cryptically. He added that Tony Bedard will be writing some issues and then an announcement will be made.

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Anonymous said...

I also overheard some people at the DC booth say that Joe Torres is in fact eventually going to be the regular writer of the kids Legion book!