Friday, March 02, 2007

WonderCon '07: day 1 - S/LSH title change, not cancelled

Seems like just a week ago I was writing about a DC Nation panel at a comics con. Well, I was, now this one is on the other side of the country.

From Newsarama:

“World War III” Didio said in answer to a question if Supergirl will be returning to the present day from the Legion’s time. There will be a change in the title, he added.

Is Legion of Super Heroes going to end at #30? Didio: No.

Technically, it sounds like "Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes" will end at #30, to be followed by "Legion of Super-Heroes" vol. 5 #31.

Notice that he didn't say "yes" or "no" about Supergirl's return. There are still some nagging questions about the differences in her behavior and appearance between here and her solo book, and with all of the rumors about the Multiverse and the possible return of the pre-Zero Hour Legion, well, we've got 4 more months to go.

Anal retentive question: would that really be vol. 5 or vol. 6?


Jonathan Miller said...

Well, it all depends on how you feel about the DNA "The Legion" title. If you consider that a volume of "LSH," then this is v.6. If not, it's v.5. But yeah, the new title is just a continuation numerically from the rest of the Waid/Kitson volume. Just as we refer to issues of "Superboy and the LSH" as part of v.2, "Supergirl and the LSH" is part of the Waid/Kitson volume, as will be the "new" title.

On another, much less pendantic subject, I really hope Supergirl (or whoever she is) sticks around. She's really brought something to the title, I think. I know others won't agree with me, but I've enjoyed the post-OYL issues more than the previous ones.

I'm intrigued by Didio being a bit cagey about exactly what the new title will be....we can assume it will return to simply "The Legion of Superheroes," but....

Michael said...

No, a "volume" number is simply when a title repeats. This is one of my most pedantic, anal retentive, idiosyncratic pet peeves. It has nothing to do with what the title may have been before.

"Superboy and the LSH" is not part of v2 because it was the first comic series titled "Superboy and the LSH" (and thus, if there ever is a new series titled "Superboy and the LSH", it'll be vol. 2). Starting with issue 259, it became "Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2" because there had already been a series titled "Legion of Super-Heroes".

The series that preceded the Waid/Kitson reboot is "The Legion" (volume 1) because it's the first series to carry that title.

I also get a bug up my butt when people abbreviate the series "LOSH" instead of "LSH", but that's a lost cause.

byrev said...

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Jonathan Miller said...

Uh, Sorry Byrev, the creator of Duplicate Boy (Hamilton? Or was he a BoLB creation?) beat you to it by a few decades. But yeah, they should definitely bring him into the cartoon (as a friend/adversary, maybe) next season.

Michael, yeah, technically you're right. I just use things like "v.2" for S/LSH as shorthand. Regardless, the new LSH title (I've never liked LoSH honestly) is still a direct numerical continuation of the same volume as v.5, just as the reboot was a direct continuation of v.4. (Although it made using the "volume" shorthand for story discussion a little more complicated!)