Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Legion DVD, toys, Happy Meal coming in August

David Lambert at TV Shows on DVD is reporting that the first Legion DVD and action figures based on the animated show will be coming out in August with a Happy Meal tie-in at McDonald's. The suggested retail price is $14.97, and it's supposed to be four episodes from the show. More at TV Shows on DVD.


Craigopher said...

I actually have the first two episodes on DVD, albeit a poor quality one. I purchased a Legion press kit on eBay which had the sample DVD episodes, a DVD ROM with electronic versions of the various promo graphics, a little booklet that explains the show and the characters, and a t-shirt with the series logo. It all comes in a nice illustradted package. Unfortunately, the DVD itself is less than optimal - occasionally there are playback issues, and apparently the actually episodes included may not be the final versions (I have not done a side by side comparison).

Mike said...

Wow, I never thought I'd see Legion HAPPY MEALS! Guess I'll have to eat at MickyD's in August.

Jim said...

August, huh? Just in time for Klordny week!