Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trivia #11 answers

Oops, I almost forgot to post these. This month's quiz was questions related to current events such as 52, Countdown, WWIII, the Lightning Saga, and "the Levitz Legion". I'll try for another theme next time.

1. Which Legion villain(s) have had a distinct counterpart in the 20th/21st century? This excludes those where the 20th and 30th century versions are the same person (e.g., Luthor or Mordru), and don't count races like the Dominators.

My original answer was the new Persuader (who got whacked by Osiris during 52) and the Sun-Eater. You guys came up with Bizarro and the Servants of Darkness (can't believe I forgot them!), plus Mxyzptlk V (who killed everyone but they got better when he left). I left the Computer Tyrants of Colu off as they're close enough to a "race".

2. When C.O.M.P.U.T.O. was created in the 20th century, what pre-existing robotic components were used?
A Mother Box (from the New Gods) and a Responsometer (from the Metal Men).

3. What was Paul Levitz's first Legion-related writing credit?
He wrote the first issue of Karate Kid's solo comic, shortly before writing the Legion comic the first time. He did do some production/editorial stuff like in Amazing World of DC Comics but I was looking for a comic book story writing credit.

4. In the original JLA/JSA/LSH crossover, where were the demons defeated in the end? What other familiar 30th century location bore a striking resemblance to the location in the first part of the question?
The Demons Three were defeated by magically reassembling the JLA Satellite, which held residual magic from the Bell, the Jar, and the Wheel. They were trapped within the satellite, which looked almost exactly like Medicus One.

5. What war was Mike Essad associated with?
This Soljer (from Superboy 210) had died in World War VI (but he got temporarily better).

6. Which pre-existing 20th century DCU villain(s) did Karate Kid fight when he came to the 20th century in his own series?
The Lord of Time and Major Disaster. The "homegrown" villains included the Revenger, Master Hand, Commander Blud, Gyro-Master, and Pulsar. He did fight Nemesis Kid in his first issue, but of course he's from the 30th century.

7. Name the 15 members of the JLA, JSA, and LSH who met during their original team-up in JLA 147-148.
I'm glad you guys got this, otherwise I would have had to look it up.
JLA: Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman
JSA: Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Power Girl
As for the Legion, I misremembered. Only four Legionnaires took part in the initial fight - Brainiac 5, Princess Projectra, Sun Boy, and Wildfire - but Lightning Lad, Chameleon Boy, Shadow Lass, Ultra Boy and Saturn Girl make cameo appearances at first and take active part later. Here's a scans_daily synopsis of the two issues (JLA #147-148).

8. They were never identified as such, but where did we see what was probably the Earth-3 Legion?
My intention was for this to be the team seen in Superboy #117, who met Superboy in "Smallvile" (not Smallville). See here for example. There was no evil Legion in Legion v2 #300 (only dead Legionnaires), but a couple of you mentioned that the Time Trapper grabbed some evil Legionnaires in a reboot anniversary issue. I have no recollection of this at all, so I assume you're right, but since Earth-3 was destroyed in the Crisis and the reboot is well after that, I'm not sure if I want to accept that one.

You guys are scary, especially lizrdprnce.


Anonymous said...

In the early story where Mask Man kills every Legionnaire except Superboy, he is revealed to be Mxyzptlk the Fifth.

--wyohliid, I have no clever explanation

Michael said...

Oh yeah, forgot about him. I'll fix the post to include him.

lizrdprnce said...

I'm almost through to Zero Hour and End of an Era in my regular re-read of Legion comics. I guess I got lucky.

RAB said...

Re Superboy #117: only now do I see, all these decades later, the possibly unintended pun of having Superboy's hometown on that parallel Earth be named "Smallvile." Was this obvious to everyone but me?

Michael said...

Yes, it was obvious and intended. I think even Superboy commented on it in the story, that was one of the ways he figured out he was on the wrong Earth.

When he brought the bad Legionnaires back to the 30th century, he stopped in Metropolus. Alternate spellings are another visual shorthand of an evil universe, like beards.

RAB said...

I wasn't clear -- I vividly remember the misspellings being a crucial plot point. What I was getting at there was the hidden word "vile" in "Smallvile" and those alternate Legionnaires being vile, i.e., not good. If a similar pun had been used in the spelling of "Metropolus" then it would be clearly deliberate...but as it is, I assume it was unintended.

Michael said...

I thought it was obvious. Small-VILE featuring the VILE, EVIL Legion.

You know, I bet this story came about because Mort Weisinger said something like "You know, you forgot that extra L in Smallville, now it looks like... hey, wait a minute... Small-VILE, I got it! Let's make some people who we thought were good into villains, but on an alternate evil Earth where they spell it wrong!"