Thursday, June 28, 2007

Animated stuff

Not a whole lot going on with regards to the animated show, so here are a few bits 'n' pieces:

  • Comics Continuum reports that The Batman and Legion of Super Heroes will have a combined 90-minute panel at San Diego next month. More on that in a couple weeks when San Diego announces their full schedule.

  • I found the press release from McDonald's that came out last month, about their Happy Meal promotions for the summer. We know that the Legion will be appearing in August. Here's how it was described:
    Accompanying Polly [Pocket]™ for the last "Summer of Happy Meal Fun" event is a BIG mystery toy collection. But, like every good surprise celebration, this Happy Meal event remains a secret for now!

    I think that's corporate speak for "We're not sure who we're going to get yet". The press release says that the promotion will be from August 4-31.

  • Apparently I also forgot to note that Comics Continuum has an image of the DVD back cover, to go along with the front cover. The DVD goes on sale August 28th.

  • Wil Wheaton has had a couple of non-spoilery things to say about the Legion over the last couple months: "That is so cool!" and "We are the Legion!". It sounds as if he'll be in at least 3-4 episodes this season, including one that's Cos-centric.

  • I'm sure there are other places as well, but besides the US and Great Britain, the show is also aired on RPN in the Philippines.

  • The Animation Guild blog notes that season 2 will be 13 episodes just like last season.

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Kevin S. said...

Hey Michael,

Do you think we'll ever see the hi-def torrents for the last two episodes? I hope so!