Saturday, June 16, 2007

Con reports, day 1: Back in a Flash?

Update Saturday: Grumpy Old Fan Tom Bondurant and Scipio at the Absorbascon have more to say about the possible return of Barry.

Friday con blogging about Wizard World Philadelphia and Heroes Con in Charlotte...

It's looking more and more like the Flash (Barry Allen) just might be the one brought back in the finale to the JLA/JSA/LSH crossover after all, as had been suspected. At both Wizard World Philly and Heroes Con on Friday, it was announced that Mark Waid would be returning to write a Flash title in the fall (and Friday's announcement was the first anyone had heard about it - so people really can keep secrets in the internet age, even if it means cancelling the current Flash book with issue 13 and issuing fake soliciations for issues 14 and 15), a plan that has been in the works for about a year. Newsarama caught up with Waid for the announcement:
Those who pick up the last issue of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive next week will get a big part of it there, and those who pick up the end of the Justice League/Justice Society team-up the same day, when it ships, will get another gigantic part of the puzzle right there too. And then we just continue the momentum from there. We talked about a million ways to go with it, but this is going to be huge. It's really, truly huge.

If it really is Barry Allen, maybe they can explain where Bart (Impulse) and Jenni (XS) came from, and where Jenni is now. CBR has more on the announcement from Charlotte at the DC Nation panel.

This question came out of the Q&A portion of the WW:P panel "Counting Down: So Begins the End" (via Newsarama):
"Since JSofA brought back Starman, will he gets his own series soon?" Wayne said to wait for the end of the Justice League/Society crossover.

From CBR in Charlotte:
Are there any plans for the 50th anniversary of the Legion of Super Heroes coming next year? - DiDio confirmed there were plans for the Legion next year, and also that the Legion characters currently appearing in the "Lightning Saga" storyline in "JLA" and "JSA" will be making an appearance in "Action Comics" soon.


Bryan said...

I don't get why the Legion (any version of it) would want to bring Barry Allen back to life. Just because it is called the "Lightning Saga" and the Flash had a lightning bold in his logo is no logical reason why the Legion would be involved.

Since the Flash is going back to the numbering of Wally's series of the Flash and not Barry's it would seem that the series is going to feature Wally not Barry.

Mike said...

Well, I think a lot of it has to do with WHICH Legion (specifically this one, the pre-COIE Legion). I have a feeling that the logic is that if Barry lives in the 21st Century (essentially altering history post-COIE) that THIS Legion (the pre-COIE Legion. boy, this does get confusing) will exist. If history is changed (i.e., if Barry dies in the crisis) then the Legion that results in the 31st Century will be the Archie Legion (or the DnA Legion, or the Waid Legion or some other Legion). Personally, I'm rooting for the "original" pre-COIE Legion. (and hope that the current "solicitations" for Supergirl and the Legion turn out to be just like the solicitations for Flash #14 and #15. Fake. :-)