Saturday, June 16, 2007

Con reports, day 2: what's coming next?

Recapping the Wizard World Philadelphia's "DCU: BUILDING MOMENTUM" and Heroes Con's "DCU: COUNTDOWN & BEYOND!" panels:

From Charlotte (via Newsarama):

Back to Countdown, Didio said that the big questions now are: 1.) What's happening to Mary Marvel? 2.) What's happening with Jimmy Olsen? 3.) Why is Karate Kid stuck in the present-day DCU? "All of these things are building to something. We’re counting down to something, but I'm not allowed to say."

Is there any chance that, with Waid and Kitson leaving Supergirl and the Legion, will we see the "original" Legion members in their own series? The Legion members in "The Lightning Saga" will appear in an upcoming issue of Action Comics, while the regular Legion series will continue, DiDio said, and it will all be made clear coming up.

Newsarama didn't have anything from Philly, and CBR's report from Charlotte doesn't add anything new.

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