Sunday, June 24, 2007

Legion TV schedule July 2007

All reruns until September.

Via Comics Continuum, here are the airdates and episodes for the Legion show for July 2007.

July 07 - episode 2 "Man of Tomorrow" (4th airing) - last aired 12/23/06
July 14 - episode 3 "Phantoms" (4th airing) - last aired 1/27/07
July 21 - episode 6 "Brain Drain" (4th airing) - last aired 5/12/07
July 28 - episode 5 "Lightning Storm" (4th airing) - last aired 4/7/07

Previously: all the other schedules

Episode reviews:
1.01 "Man of Tomorrow" (4 airings, last 7/7/07)
1.02 "Timber Wolf" (6 airings, last 6/2/07)
1.03 "Legacy" (3 airings, last 6/9/07)
1.04 "Fear Factory" (4 airings, last 6/16/07)
1.05 "Champions" (4 airings, last 6/23/07)
1.06 "Phantoms" (4 airings, last 7/14/07)
1.07 "Child's Play" (4 airings, last 6/30/07)
1.08 "Lightning Storm" (4 airings, last 7/28/07)
1.09 "Brain Drain" (4 airings, last 7/21/07)
1.10 "The Substitutes" (3 airings, last 4/14/07)
1.11 "Chain of Command" (3 airings, last 5/26/07)
1.12 "Sundown, part 1" (1 airing, last 4/28/07)
1.13 "Sundown, part 2" (1 airing, last 5/3/07)

Hmmm, I seem to have forgotten to do the season finale wrapup. I must get to it.


Jonathan Miller said...

Does anyone know if hi def torrents for episodes 12 and 13 ever showed up?

Michael said...

They have not. The hi-def torrents came from Cartoon Palace. I use TorrentPortal to do my searches (this link is for the hi-def, this one is for the regular one) but really any torrent site will do. The hi-def torrents are about 210 MB, while the regular ones are about 175 MB (that's how you can tell them apart).

The second link, by the way, also shows up "ChronoCD", which are supposedly scans of every Legion book, sized to fit on a single CD. They're up to #13 but I don't know what it covers.

Greybird said...

The ChronoCDs appear, with #13 (including The Wanderers, Who's Who in the LSH, and the five-part index), to have pretty much covered everything Legion-related up to the Zero Hour reboot.

The last of the main Legion series (LSH, Legionnaires, and Valor) were on disk 10. The L.E.G.I.O.N. and R.E.B.E.L.S. were most of disks 11 and 12.

I tried getting one disk torrent, months ago, just to see how it would work - and of issues I'd already bought, for comparison's sake. But like most torrents, it just didn't have enough seeders, and was projected to take days to finish.

(Only software distros as ISOs, such as TheOpenCD or Ubuntu, have seemed to work as torrents in a reasonable timeframe.)

Occasional downloads of files (individual issues) within those ChronoCDs, via other sites, have worked.