Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Geoff Johns, on "Booster Gold" and that flight ring

From today's Comic Book Resources story on the upcoming Booster Gold book:

"Dan's made suggestions, one of which plays a big role into something we already had planned for the second arc," Geoff Johns said. "He has told me which Legionnaire's flight ring Booster is wearing which will play into a story later down the road."

Such explorations into Booster and DC lore will be made in "The All-New Booster Gold," serving to reward old school fans returning to the adventures of Booster Gold as well as endearing new readers to the intricacies DC Universe. "You'll note a lot of easter eggs," Katz confirmed. "The aforementioned Legion flight ring, among others will date back to the original 80's run. We should also probably tease that "52 Pick-up" has a few specifically sly guest appearances that set-up our second arc - title withheld for suspense - which we think should get people talking and please long time Booster fans."

Originally, it was the Post-Crisis Brainiac 5's ring and force field belt. Now he's got at least three Legions worth of rings to choose from.


Stephen said...

I'm loving the attention the classic Legion is getting at the moment. It's just a shame we'll probably have to wait until next year to find out if we're going to get an ongoing :(

Michael said...

I'm pretty sure this effort to raise the Legion's visibility is related to the upcoming 50th anniversary for the April 2008 cover-dated issues.

Jonathan Miller said...

The force belt was Brainy's, obviously (it made it into the museum thanks to the protection of Reagan), but I'm pretty sure the ring was Superboy/man's, also taken from the superhero museum.

I could, of course, be wrong, but that's what I recall.

Michael said...

Originally, it was Brainy's ring and belt. In the new series, who knows?