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San Diego Legion programming

Legion-centric programming for the San Diego Comic Con coming up in a couple weeks:

Thursday 7/26

12:15-1:15 DC Countdown . . . to the End? — The DC Universe survived 52, but will it survive Countdown? This can’t-miss panel looks at the new year-long adventure and the ramifications of a DCU with 52 universes. The Monitors are watching closely as Jason Todd, Donna Troy, and Jimmy Olsen are joined by a cast of hundreds! Hosted by senior VP/executive editor DCU Dan DiDio and senior group editor Mike Carlin, the panel includes Countdown writers Paul Dini (Detective Comics), Tony Bedard (Supergirl and The Legion of Super-heroes), Adam Beechen (Robin), Sean McKeever (Teen Titans), Justin Gray (Jonah Hex), Jimmy Palmiotti (Superman Confidential), and more. Room 6B

The first of three DCU forums at the con. Karate Kid is supposed to be one of the central characters in Countdown.

5:00-6:00 Action Figure Times Toymaker Q&A — Ever wanted to know why your favorite character figure was limited, or just what toy companies are thinking? How about the recent movement of toy licenses from one manufacturer to another? Here's your chance to ask the manufacturers (both big and small) about their favorite figures and statues. What questions have been burning in your mind? Panelists include Eric Mayes, 4 Horsemen; Jamie Wilson, Weta; Jeremy Atkins, director of publicity for Dark Horse; Mark Tuttle, HeroClix brand manager; Guang Yang, CEO, SOTA Toys, Inc.; Frank Supiot, Kotobukiya; and Chuck Terceira, director of Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles. Room 4
Voice your opinion on the new Legion Heroclix Starter set and ask for more.

6:00-7:00 DC Group Therapy: Leagues, Legions, Societies, and Teens! — The DCU is home to the world’s greatest super-heroes, and they have banded together in teams with one common goal in mind: justice. Whether they’re rambunctious teenagers from the future, WWII veterans teaching a new generation, the super-powered elite, or the sidekicks who have forged their own way, they are among the DCU’s greatest assets. Don’t miss this important panel featuring the best teams that define heroism in the DC universe. Geoff Johns (Teen Titans, Justice Society of America), Sean McKeever (Teen Titans), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) and Tony Bedard (Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes) will be teamed with senior VP/executive editor DCU Dan DiDio, group editor Eddie Berganza, senior editor Mike Marts and editor Mike Siglain to bring you teamwork as you have never experienced before. Room 6A
Not bad, given equal billing with the JLA, JSA, and Titans.

8:30-10:30 World Premiere! Superman Doomsday — Superman is dead—or is he? All will be revealed at Comic-Con’s world premiere of DC Comics, Warner Bros. Home Video, and Warner Bros. Animation’s Superman Doomsday. It’s the highly anticipated first DC Universe made-for-DVD release presented by Warner Premiere and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Inspired by the best-selling graphic novel of all time, Superman Doomsday is an epic tale of heroism and tragedy, sacrifice and redemption. The film is rated PG-13 for action violence. The voice cast is led by Adam Baldwin (Serenity, Chuck) as Superman, Anne Heche (Men in Trees) as Lois Lane, and James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as Lex Luthor. DC Comics’ Gregory Novek will moderate the post-premiere panel that includes executive producer/director/writer Bruce Timm (Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series), directors Brandon Vietti (Legion of Super Heroes) and Lauren Montgomery (Legion of Super Heroes), writer Duane Capizzi (The Batman), and, quite possibly, members of the voice cast. And stay ’til the end—there might just be a glimpse of future DC Universe films. Ballroom 20
Director Vietti is new on the show this year, while Montgomery was a directory on Season 1. Wonder what the future films might be? Lots of people want to see the Great Darkness Saga, which is rumored (or at least hoped for).

Friday 7/27

11:30-12:30 Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership — You’ve been a fan of Mattel’s popular DC toy lines, now find out the latest news, sneak peaks, and behind-the-scenes scoop on your favorite Mattel/DC action figures, including DC Super Heroes, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, and DC Superfriends, plus exciting new lines and never-before-released information. Join Mattel toy designers, and Warner Brothers and DC Comic representatives for an insightful Q&A. Room 10
Mattel now has the license for the entire DC line of heroes, not just the animated ones. In addition to that, look for a preview of the Legion figures coming out next spring-ish.

4:15-5:45 Warner Bros. Animation: The Batman/Legion of Super-Heroes — This action-packed 90 minutes is split between two Warner Bros. Animation standouts: The Batman and Legion of Super Heroes. The Caped Crusader crew just picked up its fourth Emmy Award heading into a season that promises even more punch, courtesy of guest appearances from some Justice League pals. Supervising producer Alan Burnett (The Batman), producer-director Michael Goguen (Batman: The Animated Series), renowned voice director Andrea Romano, and the voice of Batman himself, Rino Romano, will discuss the upcoming surprises. LOSH enters its second season with double the action as the group adds new members—and a new ally from across the space-time continuum—just in time to face a daunting new villain. Producer James Tucker (Justice League Unlimited), director Brandon Vietti (Superman Doomsday), and story editor/writer Michael Jelenic (The Batman) will be joined on the panel by cast members Yuri Lowenthal (Superman on LOSH), Phil Morris (Seinfeld, Smallville), and Alex Polinsky (Charles in Charge). TV Guide senior editor Rich Sands will moderate both halves of the panel. Room 6B
Phil Morris is new to the show, and this is the first I've heard of his involvement. The only new character I know of is Chameleon Boy, but who knows if that's him or not. Polinsky voiced Matter-Eater Lad and Chlorophyll Kid on the show.

6:00-7:00 DC Nation — Come one, come all, rise up and join the DC Nation! Meet Dan DiDio, senior VP/executive editor DCU, as he invites you to be part of the revolution! Discuss surviving 52, living in a multiverse guarded by Monitors, and trying to discover the secret of the cosmic chess game as the DCU counts down. Rise up and shout—The Nation is waiting! Room 6A
The second of three DCU panels.

Saturday 7/28

1:30-2:45 DCU: New Worlds Order — The crisis is over, isn’t it? With 52 finished, the DCU is counting down and the Monitors are watching closely. Come play catch-up, have your questions answered, and learn what lies ahead for the DCU in this extensive slide show presentation moderated by Dan DiDio (senior VP/executive editor DCU) and Bob Wayne (VP, sales). Joining them will be coordinating editor Jann Jones, senior group editor Mike Carlin, group editor Eddie Berganza, plus Tony Bedard (Birds of Prey,), Adam Beechen (Robin), Paul Dini (Detective Comics), Justin Gray (Countdown), Geoff Johns (The All New Booster Gold), Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold), Sean McKeever (Teen Titans), Jesus Merino (Superman), Carlos Pacheco (Superman), Jimmy Palmiotti (Countdown), Grant Morrison (Batman), Ivan Reis (Green Lantern), and Gail Simone (The All-New Atom). Room 6B
The final DCU panel.

Sunday 7/29

12:30-2:00 Pro/Fan Trivia Match: The Multiverse — The Purple Pros (Len Wein, creator of Wolverine; Mark Waid, writer of 52, and two versions from parallel worlds to be named later) take on the Black Ink Irregulars (Tom Galloway, Terence Chua, David Oakes, and Hal Shipman) in a contest of trivia about the Multiverses of both DC and Marvel, moderated by Keith DeCandido (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Deathless). Room 4
Not necessarily Legion-related, but it's got Waid and potential questions about the Legionverses. You think my trivia is hard, you should listen to these guys. It's a lot of fun - I was on the Black Ink Irregulars one year (in which we lost) and at least one of the regular commenters here has also been on the team a few times.

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Jim D. said...

I have to say, I dread what's going to happen to Karate Kid in Countdown. Giffen is involved in that series, and he's killed the guy twice thus far. (Someone should ask that question!)