Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tony Bedard, on "Supergirl" and Karate Kid

Tony Bedard will apparently be writing half of the DC Universe books if he keeps up this schedule. He will be doing a 3-issue arc on the "Supergirl" book, which makes sense given that he's also doing "Supergirl and the Legion", plus part of "Countdown" and "Batman and the Outsiders" later this year. CBR had an interview with him:

TB: She has a lot of things going on. We've got the “Amazons Attack” going on, where Supergirl and Wonder Girl do something they think might help end the war and end up making things a lot worse. I'm dealing with the aftermath of that. It's about as big a disaster as you could imagine.

Also, we have Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl running around in “Countdown” and have Supergirl encounter them and deal with some of her history in the Legion of Superheroes. She doesn't remember all that time she spent in the future with the Legion, and I want to address that.

RT: I haven't been reading the book on a regular basis since Jeph Loeb left, but I get the impression that Kara is pretty much @*^&ing up everything she tries to do. Is she ever going to do something right?

TB: My first issue deals with that. My personal belief is that you learn more from your mistakes than from when everything is going right for her.

I don't want to make her a disaster, though. I would like for her to be a more positive, upbeat character.

Also, artist Renato Guedes has a very different visual take on her that I really like. I don't like the skinny, lean, hypersexual superheroine for her because she's only 17.

Coming soon: "Supergirl" 21 and 22, pictured below, with two of three Karate Kids.

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