Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Meal goodies - get 'em before they're gone

So the Happy Meal program for August ended tonight. At closing time at one of my local stores, I was able to get a couple of the big promotional items that would otherwise have been tossed - a large poster and a display unit (that has all the bears on top and Superman and card on the bottom, minus the bears which the manager wanted). A couple of other stores said they won't take them down until Friday, so that's probably your best chance for picking stuff up. The various managers told me that any leftover figures will be held over and given out next month if they run out of whatever they've got there, so if you're missing some, you might still be able to pick them up. If not - eBay will have them forever.

To the best of my knowledge, there are five promotional/advertising items:
1. Large poster, hung inside
2. Display case
3. Long plastic display that shows each of the figures, mounted outside near the drive-up window
4. Panel for the outdoor drive-up menu board
5. The Happy Meal box

Pictures of items 2-5 can be seen elsewhere in this blog, but I never got a photo of the poster.

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