Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Meal toy program ends tomorrow

If you haven't gotten your Legion Happy Meal toys yet, hurry up... the program officially ends tomorrow (Thursday 8/30).


Dave Van Domelen said...

Gah. Neither of the McD's in my area have gotten anything past #4 of 8!

Matthew E said...

I'm still missing Timber Wolf. Or, rather, my son's still missing Timber Wolf. I've got one of whatever doubles we've managed to collect, so actually I'm also missing Superman and Validus.

Anonymous said...

I just hit Validus today, at my third McDonalds in two days. Luckily, that gives me the complete set just in time.

While I don't think the set is as good as it might have been- no female characters, and no ability to stand half the figures on their own- it makes me insanely happy that the legion finaly got some mass-distriubted toys like this.