Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wizard World Chicago '07: day 1

How time flies. Some people are still recovering from San Diego and it's Chicago time already. The lineup for Wizard World looks a lot like San Diego, so I can't imagine there will be THAT much that could be new (although supposedly Mattel might have some new stuff that wasn't ready in time for San Diego).

Friday August 10:
The Dave Cockrum Room
You’ve been a fan of Mattel’s popular DC toy lines, now find out the latest news, sneak peeks and behind the scenes scoop on your favorite Mattel/DC action figures including DC Super Heroes, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, DC Superfriends, plus exciting new lines and never-before-released information. Join Mattel toy designers, Warner Brothers and DC Comic representatives for an insightful Q&A.

Nothing new Legion-related from here. CBR has some pictures. One item of note is that "all lines to come will be focused on the collector market rather than the general audience" which suggests to me that they'll be going for the obscure stuff in addition to a million Superman/Batman variants.

Mattel and DC are listening to their fans and are trying their best to fulfill their needs and wants. They have lots of characters to make for 2008 and beyond and want the input of the fanbase and are investigating new ways to make that line of communication easier for both Mattel and the fans.

Hey Mattel, we want Legion figures!

Newsarama had more from the Q&A:
Will there be Legion of Super-Heroes figures with the show starting up? "Yes, we are very interested in getting those out there. Some prototypes have snuck out on the internet, so yes, we're working on it."

Hmmm, the only prototypes I've heard of was the packaging. Anyone seen any of the figures?

The Dave Cockrum Room
Come one, come all, rise up and join the DC NATION! Meet Dan DiDio, Senior VP-Executive Editor DCU, as he invites you to be part of the revolution! Discuss surviving 52, living in a multi-verse guarded by Monitors and try to discover the secret of the cosmic chess game as the DCU counts down. Rise up, and shout. The NATION is waiting!

CBR doesn't have anything specific about the Legion, but this new announcement is intriguing:
“Countdown: Arena,” a newly announced title in which alternate versions of heroes fight against each other (for example, Batman from the “Red Rain” Elseworlds versus the Batman from “Gotham By Gaslight”). ... “We want to take full advantage of the multiverse. Four books weekly in December -- fans vote who wins. You guys argue among yourselves, leave me out of it for a goddamn change!”

Lightning Saga Legion vs Post-Zero Hour Legion vs Post-Infinite Crisis Legion vs Glorithverse Legion vs the Adult Legion vs the SW6 Legion vs Superboy's Legion - drawn by George Perez, that's what I want to see. :)

Sadly, that's not going to be the case on who's fighting, according to Newsarama. But in the regular panel article, they did say they have "plans" for the Legion over the next year. Whew, thanks for that scoop! "The old Legion that appeared in Lightning Saga: pick up the Showcase stuff and the Supergirl issues with Karate Kid in them. "

Apparently someone "accidentally" slipped up and announced that Bart Allen would be back. It doesn't show up in either of these reports, but Newsarama mentions it in their coverage for Saturday's New Worlds Order panel.

Wizard doesn't have anything new to add.

The Marshall Rogers Room
Fans will get a chance to compete against Silver Age superhero experts to be crowned the champion! Moderated by Craig Shutt, writer of the “Ask Mr. Silver Age” column for the Comics Buyer’s Guide.

Haven't heard about this one yet.

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