Friday, October 05, 2007

Animated roundup

Here's a linkdump of animated-related info. I should have posted these sooner, but I was lazy.

  • A Sept. interview with writer Stan Berkowitz (who wrote LSH season 1's "Lightning Storm") for The World's Finest (via CBR) revealed this interesting quote that someone was looking for here a week or so ago:
    After [the 2006-07] season, though, the network focus-grouped The Batman (and Legion of Super Heroes) and found out that what our very young male audience wanted was more fights, jokes and costumes and fewer female characters. No surprises there...

    I guess that explains why the new focus this season.

  • Artist Aaron Alexovich mentions that Rob Hummell is a writer on the Legion cartoon, but I don't know if that means last season (he wrote "Brain Drain") or this season.

  • Writer J. M. DeMatteis wrote next week's episode, "Cry Wolf".

  • Artist Craig Rousseau did the artwork for the Legionnaire Happy Meal cases.

  • Want to watch all episodes from season 1 online? Try here. You can download them here, too.

  • The Legion is being shown in a French-speaking country (Canada maybe? Or even France?). Here are episodes 1.01 "Man from Tomorrow", 1.02 "Timber Wolf", 1.03 "Legacy", and 1.04 "Fear Factory" dubbed in French. Allin high-quality DivX. There's a "3" logo in the upper right corner. Anyone know which channel 3?

  • Superman Homepage has an interview with Yuri "Superman" Lowenthal.

  • World's Finest also had an interview with season 2 director Brandon Vietti, who also did a segment of the recent Superman vs Doomsday DVD.
    WF: ...You're joining Legion of Super-Heroes this year. Can you describe your role in that series?

    BV: We actually just wrapped pre-production on season two of Legion in which I directed 8 of 13 episodes. As I write this, we're editing the animation as it's coming in from Korea and it's looking fantastic! After The Batman and Doomsday, it was great to land on a fun, team show where everybody has crazy super powers. It was a nice change of pace. Plus I'm happy to get to work with Producer James Tucker who also helped train me back on The New Batman/Superman Adventures.

    WF: So, what can fans expect in Legion of Superheroes, this season (aside from two Supermans)? Anything to whet their appetite?

    BV: Well, the new Superman, Kell-El, was a lot of fun to work with and I think fans are going to like him a lot. We have some great stories from James and Story Editor Michael Jelenic that really push the growth of some the favorite characters like Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf, and Brainiac 5. And the addition of Imperiex in to the Legion universe brings a whole new level of action unseen in season one! So I can't wait to tune in to the message boards to see what everybody thinks of the new season.

  • Voices from Krypton has a video interview with series producer James Tucker. He explains the premise of Season 2's new Superman and how he fits in with the Legion.
    I think for the change, it really worked thematically for the show, and I think it's going to give the viewers something interesting. I wasn't interested in really just continuing from the first season literally straight through, and you know, "OK, this is the next day after the last episode of first season," I really knew that I wanted to change things up, and the network and I were on the same page about that.

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