Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Chained Lightning" preview

Here's what Warner Bros. Animation sent out today for this weekend's episode "Chained Lightning":

Learn the backstory of Lightning Lad ­ and meet his electrifying family­ in an all-new episode of "Legion of Super Heroes" this Saturday. In the episode, entitled "Chained Lightning," Lightning Lad discovers that his sister, Ayla, long thought to be lost in the same Lightning Beast attack that gave him and his brother, Mekt, their powers, is really alive. However, Ayla is now in the form of pure electromagnetic energy. Lightning Lad must find a way to save Ayla before Imperiex can harness this energy for his own diabolical use. Lightning Lad is voiced by Andy Milder ("Weeds"), while James Arnold Taylor ("The Boondocks," "Star Wars: Clone Wars") and Kari Wahlgren ("Ben 10") voice Mekt and Ayla, respectively. Directed by Brandon Vietti and written by Matt Wayne, "Chained Lightning" airs Saturday, October 6 at 11:00 a.m. ET/PT as part of the Kids' WB! Lineup on The CW Network.

Now, if Ayla being a living lightning bolt weren't enough, the press release has this after the pictures:
SPOILER ALERT: Due to some surprise elements within the episode, additional images will be distributed on Monday morning.


Zundian said...

Would it be OK to discuss something I caught in the trailer for "Chained Lightning" that I think may be the spoiler?

Jonathan Miller said...

And the Aayyylas have it! Woo! ;-)

Now we need to have someone call Colossal Boy by his first name on the show....

Stephen said...

Shrinking Violet is <3

Shame about that laugh though :)