Monday, October 29, 2007

eBay: The Legion's "Days of Future Past"

The Legion already met the X-Men in their "Days of Future Past" storyline back in the "Unlimited Access" miniseries a while back, but someone commissioned artist Bob Layton to re-create the iconic cover of "X-Men" 141 with the Legion replacing the X-Men. This piece of original art is up for auction on eBay this week.

A One of a Kind Cover Commission from Bob Layton! It's an X-Men 141 swipe featuring the Legion of Superheroes. The premise is Darkseid has taken over the world and the big three of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are all that remain. This great piece is on 11x17 comic board. The lettering are stats and there is a small amount of whiteout. Stunning piece. Retails at $400. No need to wait months and months for a commission.

It's on a "Buy It Now" for $375, or "Make an Offer". Click on the picture to see an enlargement on the actual auction page.

Note: as a companion piece to this "The Legion replaces Marvel characters", I wanted to show a piece of commissioned art, done by Mike Grell, recreating an Avengers scene, where the LSH was substituted in place of the Avengers (Colossal Boy for Giant-Man, etc.) on the left side, and some Legion villains (maybe the Fatal Five?) were substituted in place of Avengers villains on the right side (Emerald Empress for Enchantress?). Unfortunately, I can't find the copy of the image either on my computer or via a Google search, so if you know where this is (or if you're the owner), please put a link in the comments.


Terence Chua said...

Just to show how pedantic I am, if you look at the larger picture, it becomes apparent that Layton, for some reason, got the character designs sort-of right but the names wrong.

Specifically, "Tyroc" is actually Jacques Foccart (note the hair), the "Dawnstar" is actually Dream Girl (note hair and costume), Phantom Girl is actually Dawnstar (note hairstyle and the hint of a headdress as well as costume), and "Invisible Lad" should of course be Invisible Kid.

Aside from that, pretty cool.

Terence Chua said...

On second thought, Phantom Girl could be correct. The headdress could be Tinya's headband. But the rest still stand.

RAB said...

Terence is right about the mistaken names, but apart from that it's excellent.

And maybe this is just too obvious, but...wouldn't it have been cool if the escaped Legionnaires were Timber Wolf and Phantom Girl?

Terence Chua said...

Indeed... or have a closer correspondence with the X-Men on the actual poster.

The visible names on the original cover were Cyclops (substitute Wildfire), Collossus (Ferro Lad), Storm (Lightning Lad), Nightcrawler (Chameleon Boy), Angel (Dawnstar), Iceman (Polar Boy), Beast (Blok), Sprite (Phantom Girl), Wolverine (Timber Wolf), Banshee (Tyroc).

Bill D. said...

Oh, man, if only I had the money for that!

Caballeros De Montevideo said...

Yeah, Timber Wolf and Tynia could have bene cooler.