Thursday, October 11, 2007

LSH DVD vol. 2 new info

TV Shows on DVD has a look at the back cover to the LSH Volume 2 DVD:

Here's the text:
One thousand years in the future, the universe's only hope for survival is an awkward teen named CLARK KENT, who has no idea he will become one of the greatest heroes of all time. Brought to the 31st century by teen super heroes BOUNCING BOY, BRAINIAC 5, SATURN GIRL, and LIGHTNING LAD, SUPERMAN joins their unending fight for galactic justice.

Known as the LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, they battle villains like archnemeses the FATAL FIVE, a deranged professor who is fascinated by fears and their most difficult face-off: LIGHTNING LAD'S brother MEKT RANZZ. Not even super heroes can avoid sibling rivalry. With every adventure, Superman continues to grow into his destiny, until a journey to a distant world shows him the limitations of his powers. Fly with these teen heroes in this cosmically cool collection!

Unfortunately, they're continuing to issue the episodes in the order that they aired, not the production order. This DVD contains:
  • 1.05 "Champions"
  • 1.04 "Fear Factory"
  • 1.09 "Brain Drain"
  • 1.08 "Lightning Storm"

The third DVD will have the last five episodes.

According to some ToonZone readers, this is what WB did for the first Superman and Justice League seasons, apparently to gauge buyer interest. They released them in small chunks like this, then just in whole-season packages (repeating season 1) after that.

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