Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Karate Kid pics

Here's the latest set of preview pics for this weekend's "Karate Kid" episode:


Jonathan Miller said...

Um, feel free to delete this comment (don't want to give away anything to someone who doesn't know), but I'm seeing a possibly serious spoiler in those pics if one looks closely.

But the pics do look great--I'm actually really loving the "Jimmy Olsen" look for Nemesis Kid!

Michael said...

I realized that last night, but short of withholding the pictures there's no way around it.

J.D. Long said...

Hey! I think I saw cameos of Blok -- and Tyroc??? in the openingact.

Wow -- Tyroc. how disco 70's can you get?


John said...

Tyroc turned up a couple of times last season.

RavenScholar said...

Shocked! Garth looks funny.

I know, it does look bad.