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Trivia #16 answers

Hmmm, looks like this one was too easy. One person guessed almost all the answers right away and there was little discussion after that. Fine, I'll try to make it harder next time....

This month's theme: a look at the Legionnaires over the years. Membership has its privileges.

1. Who had been a member of any super-villain team prior to joining the Legion? I'm talking out-and-out villainy, not just a group of misguided youths.

My original thought was just Spider-Girl/Wave (Legion of Super-Villains) and Blok (League of Super-Assassins). Jim reminded me that the White Witch (as The Hag) was a member of the Devil's Dozen, though not fully in control of her actions. I also didn't count the times when (for example) members of the LSV joined when Dynamo Boy kicked everyone out.

2. When Lex Luthor's descendant Lex Luthor joined the Adult Legion, what power(s) did he possess?
As lzrdprnce said, "He had both Star Boy's and Light Lass's powers, amplifying and nullifying gravity." That was convenient, since both of them were out of the Adult Legion by then.

3. What is the full name of the current Princess Projectra?
Princess Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall of Orando. She could also have been "Projectra bat Voxv" (in Hebrew), "Projectra Voxvdottir" (in Norse), or "Projectra Voxva" (in Russian) pre-Crisis.

4. Which three Legionnaires were not re-created as members of the SW6 Batch? And why not?
Bouncing Boy, Star Boy, and Dream Girl, because they were not active Legionnaires at the time of the "cloning". Chuck had lost his powers, and Thom and Nura were still in the Subs at that time (supposedly between Adventure 348 and 349). They did show up later, though, during the time shifts at End of an Era.

5. What do Jimmy Olsen, Rond Vidar, Mon-El, and Green Lantern (John Stewart) have in common in relation to the Legion?
Lzrdprnce said "Everyone on that list except for John Stewart started out as honorary members of the Legion, but I can't think of any connection between GL John Stewart and the Legion." Jim came closest in his guess - at the end of the Justice League Unlimited episode "Far from Home", both GL and Green Arrow were made Honorary Legionnaires. So that's the connection, as of course the other three on the list were Honorary as well at some point (Mon-El was Honorary before he made it out of the Phantom Zone for good).

6. At what point in Legion chronology did Anti-Lad join the Legion?
This was a trick question which everyone fell for. Anti-Lad never actually joined the Legion. He was one of the finalists and got to spend the night in the Clubhouse the day before Superboy joined, but that's as far as he got. One point for me!

7. Who were the members when the Legion finally disbanded in the wake of Black Dawn?
Alphabetically, it was Calamity King, Colossal Boy, Fire Lad, Nightwind, Polar Boy, Stone Boy, Storm Boy, and Visi-Lad.

Special bonus questions (which don't count in the standings):

In honor of the Legion animated show starting in Italy last week, I gave some translated Legionnaire names as they're known in other countries.
  • In Germany, some members of the Legion der Superhelden are Winzwanda, Federleicht, and Sternschwinge.
  • In Brazil, some members of the Legião dos Super-Heróis are Rapaz Saltador, Moça dos Sonhos, and Vésper.
  • In Sweden, some members of the Rymdens hjältar are Osynlige pojken, Viktflickan, and Vargen.
  • In Finland, some members of the Superlegioona are Salamapoika, Terästyttö, and Aavetyttö.

The only ones you got were Rapaz Saltador (Bouncing Boy), Federleicht (Light Lass), and Sternschwinge (Dawnstar). I'll leave the rest unanswered for now and I'll bring them back again later.

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