Monday, October 01, 2007

Trivia Quiz #16

It's the first Monday of the month, and you know what that means: time for some Legion trivia. This month's theme: a look at the Legionnaires over the years. Membership has its privileges.

1. Who had been a member of any super-villain team prior to joining the Legion? I'm talking out-and-out villainy, not just a group of misguided youths.

2. When Lex Luthor's descendant Lex Luthor joined the Adult Legion, what power(s) did he possess?

3. What is the full name of the current Princess Projectra?

4. Which three Legionnaires were not re-created as members of the SW6 Batch? And why not?

5. What do Jimmy Olsen, Rond Vidar, Mon-El, and Green Lantern (John Stewart) have in common in relation to the Legion?

6. At what point in Legion chronology did Anti-Lad join the Legion?

7. Who were the members when the Legion finally disbanded in the wake of Black Dawn?

Special bonus questions (which don't count in the standings):

The Legion animated show is starting in Italy today (Monday). According to a couple of readers, the Legionnaires in Italy keep the same English names. But in some countries, the names are translated. See if you can figure out who these guys are (but if you're already familiar with them from reading their comics, please don't answer):
  • In Germany, some members of the Legion der Superhelden are Winzwanda, Federleicht, and Sternschwinge.
  • In Brazil, some members of the Legião dos Super-Heróis are Rapaz Saltador, Moça dos Sonhos, and Vésper.
  • In Sweden, some members of the Rymdens hjältar are Osynlige pojken, Viktflickan, and Vargen.
  • In Finland, some members of the Superlegioona are Salamapoika, Terästyttö, and Aavetyttö.


lizrdprnce said...

1. Blok (League of Super-Assassins); Spider Girl (LSV); Echo (LSV)

2. He had both Star Boy's and Light Lass's powers, amplifying and nullifying gravity.

3. Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauzhall of Orando

4. Bouncing Boy, Star Boy, and Dream Girl, because they were not active Legionnaires at the time of the "cloning".

5. You got me. What do John Stewart, Mon-El, Rond Vidar, and Jimmy Olsen have in common? Everyone on that list except for John Stewart started out as honorary members of the Legion, but I can't think of any connection between GL John Stewart and the Legion.

6. Amti-Lad joined the Legion just prior to the pre-Crisis Superboy. It was something about Superboy failing his try-out, which Anti-Lad claimed he caused, so the Legion would give Superboy a second chance.

7. Polar Boy, Colossal Boy, Fire Lad, Nightwind, Stone Boy, Storm Boy, Calamity King, Visi-Lad.

Bonus: Being from Alabama, I have enough trouble with English thank you.

Matthew E said...

lizrdprnce has already answered everything I could and some that I couldn't. (Echo was a villain? Really?)

For the linguistic thing, I'm sure that Federleicht is Light Lass. Is Sternschwinge Dawnstar? Is Rapaz Saltador Bouncing Boy?

Matthew E said...

Oh, one thing about the current Jeckie: her last name isn't 'Vauzhall', but 'Vauxhall', like the car.

Jim Drew said...

1. Also White Witch (as The Hag), and Lightning Lord, Cosmic King, and Saturn Queen had been in the LSV before joining under, was it Dynamo Boy? Echo, though, was only a villain in the Adult Legion stories; the one who joined the LSH had not been a villain, I think.

3. lzrdprnce forgot the "Anna Fanna Fo Fanna" extension, I think. (And probably a "-Armorr" belongs in there, too.)

4. And Superboy and Supergirl, no?

5. They've all tongue kissed Lucy Lane. (Don't tell Jimmy.) Seriously, I haven't seen the episode of JLU with the Legion, but John Stewart visited the Legion in that, so maybe he became an honorary Legionnaire there?

Bonus: Moca dos Sonhos is probably Tyroc, and Vesper might be Phantom Girl. Salamapoika might be Wildfire or Sun Boy (based on "salamander" being a fire creature).

Michael said...

Echo was a member of the LSV in the first Adult Legion story (ADV 355-ish), but when he "appeared" during the Five Year Gap, he was just another guy trying out. I didn't count him, nor did I count those members of the LSV (Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen) because they joined through trickery and they didn't last. Plus, I didn't think of them in this context, I was saving them up for a future quiz.

There's no possible way you could have memorized Princess Projectra's name like that. If you had, you're way geekier than me.

Also, one of your answers is wrong.

No, Superboy and Supergirl are not acceptable answers. This is a Glorithverse question, and those two didn't exist. Remember, there were clones of Valor and Andromeda, instead.

Moça das Sombras is not Tyroc, Vésper is not Phantom Girl, and Salamapoika is not Wildfire or Sun Boy. Sorry.

You did better than Jim. Federleicht is indeed Light Lass, Sternschwinge ("Starswing") is Dawnstar, and Rapaz Saltador ("Jumper" or "Bouncer") is Bouncing Boy.