Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wax on, wax off - it's Karate Kid (plus Grimbor and Nemesis Kid)

Karate Kid, Grimbor, and Nemesis Kid make their first appearances this week on the Legion cartoon, each with updated costumes.

Karate Kid's costume is close to his Cockrum/Grell-era suit (which he's wearing in "Countdown" these days too). And as for Nemesis Kid, it looks like someone doesn't like the big collars (both he and KK had them).

Images via the Micro Legion page

Note to longtime readers: the appearance of one of these character implies some serious baggage. Please don't mention it in the comments this week until after the episode airs - after all, not everyone has read the old comics.

Here's the official description:
When the dreaded Legion Auditions produce just one potential new member ­- Nemesis Kid -­ Superman goes out recruiting, and finds an unlikely candidate to join the Legion. A perpetual underdog, Karate Kid has no super powers ­which goes against Legion membership rules -­ but Superman believes he has the heart to join the Legion. As the Legion hunts down Grimbor the Chainsman, Karate Kid believes he can be an asset, while the others worry he is only putting himself in harm'¹s way.

Keith Ferguson ("Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends") voices both Karate Kid and Nemesis Kid. Eddie Guzelian wrote the episode, which was directed by Brandon Vietti and Scott Jeralds. "The Karate Kid" episode of "Legion of Super Heroes" airs Saturday, October 27 at 11:00 a.m. ET/PT as part of the Kids' WB! Lineup on The CW Network.

Boot to the head!


MaGnUs said...

Damn, I like the huge collars.

RavenScholar said...

Wait, the SAME GUY voiced Karate Kid AND Nemesis Kid?

That kinda seems wrong.