Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blogiversary: starting year #3

Holy crap! Today's my 2nd blogiversary. Two years ago today I put up my first post.

My stats, 11/08/06: 50,000 visits
My stats, 11/08/07: 170,005 visits (as of a minute ago)

My top 5 posts over the last year:
3/6/07 (1,101 visits) - animated show "Chain of Command" entry mentioned in "Wil Wheaton dot Net"
8/6/07 (713) - Superboy lawsuit update
8/20/07 (1,195) - Jim Shooter rumor mentioned in "Lying in the Gutters"
9/10/07 (556) - Shooter at the Baltimore Comic Con
10/29/07 (3,122) - Paul Levitz rumor mentioned in "Lying in the Gutters"

In comparison, my top ranking post last year: 2/18/06 (442) - first look at animated show concept art

Top keywords: Sorry, they're all rather pedestrian and expected: "adventure 247", "Legion Omnicom", "Legion of Superheroes", "Legion Sourcebook", "adventure247", "jla/jsa/lsh", "legion of super heroes season 2", etc.

You have to dig down into the single and double digits to find stuff like "saturn girl pink bikini", "cheesecake", "the legion michael the cosmic space alien armee", "supergirl sex stories", "ayla pronunciation", "jessica alba nude", "legion of super heroes nude", and of course, "Who is One of Marvel Comics' most iconic villains and the archnemeses of the Fantastic Four?"

Anyway, thanks to my readership - without you guys, I'd be typing to and for myself. Looking forward to Year 3 with the 50th Anniversary of the Legion next spring.

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