Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brainiac's back (on the TV show)

Interestingly, Warner Bros. got Corey Burton to reprise his role as Brainiac on this week's episode of the Legion, "Message in a Bottle". Burton did the voice of Brainiac for the DC Animated Universe shows such as "Superman: The Animated Series" and "Justice League". Burton's Brainiac appeared in the very first Legion episode in the DCAU, "New Kids in Town" from the Superman series (see World's Finest, Legion Wiki links).

Renowned voice actor Corey Burton reprises his celebrated role of Brainiac from "Superman: The Animated Series" in the Saturday, December 1 episode of "Legion of Super Heroes" entitled "Message in a Bottle."

Burton made his Brainiac debut in the S:TAS series premiere on September 6, 1996. More than 11 years later, Burton easily slipped back into the role.

"Brainiac is such a tasty character ­ so effortless, so wonderfully still and quiet. It really allows me to play great subtleties. The words perform themselves with a character like that."

Burton says the voice is a bit of a homage to famous voices from the annals of science fiction.

"It's just my basic mental image of a robotic intelligence, based partly on the Hal 9000 from 2001, and the detached narration from the original Outer Limits. The voice is very arresting in its quietness ­ that makes it that much more frightening."

To say the least, Burton was happy to reprise the role.

"I always thought Brainiac was the coolest character. He's completely detached from the violence ­ to him, it's just a consciousness. He doesn't breathe, he doesn't struggle ­it's just the pure vibration of the words themselves that make his delivery so cold and emotionless."

In "Message in a Bottle," Superman and the Legion must venture into the legendary bottled city of Kandor in order to stop Imperiex, who seeks an advanced Kryptonian technology believed to be hidden inside. In order to help the Legion and clear his "family" name, Brainiac 5 must delve deep into his memory banks to access information from the original Brainiac.

They've got a comment about this first picture that cracks me up. They're so serious about it - an "important note".
Of the images, one important note: the image violet.jpg represents that in a tiny world that fits inside a bottle, Shrinking Violet would be a giant.

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Well, I could see where maybe people would get confused that perhaps it was just a random shot with a foreshortened character in the background, rather than representing two characters in the same perspective field.