Monday, November 12, 2007

Greg LaRocque

Former Legion artist Greg LaRocque contacted me the other day to say that he'll be selling original art on eBay soon. To whet your appetite, here's an image he sent me titled "Greatest Hero of Them All" (click to enlarge):

For the young'uns, LaRocque pencilled the bulk of the v3 run in the '80s, from issue 15 to issue 48 (following Steve Lightle and preceding the return of Keith Giffen).

LaRocque is one of those artists who absolutely shines with the right inker. He was lucky to have had two of them on the Legion books, Larry Mahlstedt for a few issues at the beginning and then Mike DeCarlo for most of the run. Here are the covers to those issues (at the Grand Comics Database).

Update 11/13/07: Here's the auction for this piece on eBay, starting bid of $100.


SherylR said...

Did he mention when he's putting his art up so I can at least look at it? And maybe buy a piece *sob* I have a habit:P

MaGnUs said...

Looks awesome.

Greg LaRocque said...

Hi Folks, I'm glad you like the piece. Legion fans are the best! Anyone looking to contact me can reach me at, other samples of my work are posted at
& finally my website is
Michael, thanks a ton for posting my piece & I hope I didn't break any rules by including all of my contact info.
Have a great one!!

Greybird said...

Greg LaRocque has two great virtues in Legion art: Characters' faces have full, distinct details even in distant group "shots," and his women are visibly strong and muscular while remaining fully feminine.

The woman at right is a good example, in the piece Mike posted ... though I'm not sure who she is. (Night Girl? Shadow Lass? And she's wearing Tinya's belt, I think.)

LaRocque also is among the best in showing off Dawnstar beautifully, so I'm partial there. (Along with Sherman, Lightle, and - at times - Giffen.)

I fear for my bank account if anything showing Dawny is for auction {g}

Greybird said...

Apparently that's Night Girl - he displays it as a separate commissioned work.

As to the GCD issue display, LaRocque did the interiors on 15 and, unbroken, on 17 to 48 - most of the v3 run! Still astonishing. His covers were 17 to 22 and 24.

And *ahem* his personal site could use an update *hint hint* {g}

Greg LR said...

yeah, it's been some time since the web site was touched. it's been on top of the to do list for awhile. hopefully soon 5; )
here's the link to the ebay auction for the piece.

Michael said...

Greg - the ebay ad says it's a variant cover. Was that one actually commissioned for the "Death of Superboy" issue but rejected for the Bill Sienkiewicz cover, or is this a symbolic cover recently created?

Greg LR said...

this is a recent variant I did to get something up on ebay as a sample of the commissions I will offer. Originally it was a sketch that was never shown to Karen Berger, then the Legion editor. It collected dust in my files all this time & became my 1st choice as a cover recreation. Sorry for any confusion.
BTW, anyone spot the pin up queen who served as my inspiration for Night Girl? I plan on doing a series of Legion pin ups & recreations so keep an eye out,


Michael said...

Bettie Page would be the obvious guess.