Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hmmm. Apparently I previewed the Justice League Heroclix set back in August but never followed up.

Here are the new figures that came out in September in the Justice League set - the Silver Age Bouncing Boy, the current Dream Girl, the Glorithverse Tharok, and the post-Zero Hour Time Trapper (complete with their comic cover inspiration where I have found them).

Is that picture of the Time Trapper holding the cube with the different "L" symbols on it an interior picture? I couldn't find it on any cover. Looks like the Time Trapper picture is from a panel in LSH v4 #105, on which they also based the Vs. card. Thanks to Scott for the heads-up, I knew it was familiar but I thought it was on a cover.

And I'm not sure where the image of Bouncing Boy might have come from - he didn't get many covers, and the only recent one I could find was LSH v2 #304 (but he was completely round when drawn by Giffen, not a ball with a head, arms, and legs).

Plus a Legionnaires card that I'm sure lets you do something cool with it:


peter vandeneng said...

i think the time trapper is based on his VS card, which may not be based on anything specific.

Garth Ranzz said...

Actually both the VS card and the HeroClix figure are based on this panel from LSH vol. 4, #105.

Michael said...

Thanks, Scott. I would have sworn it was from a cover, but obviously not. I updated the article to show both pictures.