Saturday, November 24, 2007

Manapul on the evolution of a cover

Current Legion artist Francis Manapul has a blog post on the evolution of the cover to LSH #39 (recently announced for February).

From this:

to this:

Previously: the evolution of the cover to #38

In other Manapul original art news,
I'm pleased to announce that we will soon begin selling Francis' Legion of Superheroes artwork starting with issue 37! Francis and John Livesay have agreed to split the artwork as whole issues, and Francis will receive 2 of every 3 issues completed. Francis will have all of the artwork from issue 37 and we will make it available for online purchase in December. We will let you know the exact date once Francis receives his art returns.

Here's the first item he had for sale, some concept sketches for the team.

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Jim Drew said...

You know, it hadn't registered on me until now, but it isn't Jeckie chained to the throne. I wonder what is at the end of that chain?