Friday, November 30, 2007

Morrison's "All-Star Legion of Super-Heroes"?

Via Millarworld, here's an interesting bit from Wizard's "Best of 2007" issue. Grant Morrison has a couple things to say about the upcoming end of his "All-Star Superman" arc.

MORRISON: ...But there will be some more after [issue 12]. We’re planning to do some All-Star specials with other artists.

WIZARD: Are the specials going to fit into the continuity of the previous 12 issues?

MORRISON: Yeah. It’ll be the world of All-Star Superman, but you might get to see what it was like in the first year of his career or an adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes—that kind of thing. There were a bunch of stories that I had left over because I knew we were only going to do 12. I had an idea for an All-Star Superman/Batman book, and a bunch of ideas for that ended up feeding into the notion of doing these specials."


collectededitions said...

Hmm ... hard to match this with recent Lying in the Gutters comments that the All-Star line's going to get a reboot. We'll see--do you like the idea of these specials because the more Legion, the better, or do you feel that another Superman/Legion story, following on the heels of what Geoff Johns is doing, is overkill?

Mark said...

Hmm. A Legion story by a great writer, at the top of his game, presumably drawn by an artist of a high-enough profile to be considered for the ALL-STAR line (current roster: Jim Lee, Frank Quitely, Adam Hughes, Neal Adams, Frank Miller). Can only be a good thing, surely.

Bryan-Mitchell said...

Well Johns already did his version of a Bizarro world just a little after Morrison did his, so it should be fair play for Morrison to do a Legion story after Johns does one.

MaGnUs said...

I'm afraid of Morrison's take on the Legion.