Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Legion DVD Easter Egg discovered

This came over one of the Legion mailing lists and Legion World: news of a newly-discovered Easter Egg on the animated Legion DVD, that I hadn't heard about yet and couldn't even find anything on.

Was running my DVD and while on the main menu happened to be going through the selections and when I pushed the button to move up, it highlighted the Superman emblem on the screen. For the heck of it, I hit enter to see what would happen. The DVD brought up a page with the Interlac alphabet, lower and upper case. That's a nice bonus feature. Didn't see it listed on the box though.

You can find the Interlac alphabet yourself (plus a free downloadable font) at Interlac's Wikipedia page. And visit the font's creator's page here and here for the story behind the story.


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