Friday, November 09, 2007

Trivia #17 answers

This month's sorta-theme: Rings and Things. Apparently it was too easy, though I think I may have gotten everyone in an obvious miss.

1. Name three special properties of the Legion Flag.

The flag is indestructible, can be seen for miles, and glows in the dark, as first seen in Adventure 308. It didn't have the "power" to make someone salute, that was a section of the Legion Constitution.

2. Which Legionnaires' costumes had one or more letters on the front?
As noted, we had Phantom Girl's "P", Ferro Lad's "Fe", Invisible Kid's "i", M'Onel's "M", Element Lad's "E" (in both English and Interlac), Superboy's "S" (all three Superboys), Supergirl's "S" (both Supergirls), Shadow Lass's "S", and Lightning Lad's "Lightning Boy", Cosmic Boy's "Cosmic Boy", and Saturn Girl's "Saturn Girl" (the latter 3 from Adventure 247).

But what everyone forgot is that everyone in the post-Zero Hour reboot (like this cover) plus the young Legionnaires in the Glorithverse (like this cover) all had belt buckles on the front of their costumes that displayed the letter "L", and most of the adults in the Glorithverse/v4 time frame had jackets with an "L" on the sleeve (like this cover). This wasn't meant to be a trick question, but I just remembered this the other day.

3. What happened to Lori Morning's H-Dial? Whose was it originally?
Lori gave the dial to Brainiac 5.1 so he could use it to stop the Rift, and it was destroyed. According to Infinite Earths, "Lori Morning was secretly given Robby Reed's H-Dial by the Time Trapper, which he had stolen from its display at the Space Museum."

4. Which two Legionnaires were responsible for the creation of the Legion Flight Ring pre-Crisis? Post-Zero Hour?
Brainiac 5 was one of the two each time. Pre-Crisis, Mon-El created Element 152 and Brainy made the rings, while post-Zero Hour, Brainy accidentally affected a sample of Valorium and Invisible Kid made the rings.

5. Name two times King Arthur's sword Excalibur appeared in Legion continuity.
Pre-Crisis, Supergirl found it as part of her initiation test, and it rested in London until Darkseid's Servants came for it during the Great Darkness Saga. Scott suggested that it showed up in the Laurel Gand spotlight issue but I don't remember exactly.

6. What different symbols has Ayla Ranzz had on her costumes?
Lightning bolts at her intro, then briefly a cloud after she became Light Lass, then a feather until she got her lightning powers back. In the current version, she's got an up-arrow.

7. Legion Flight Rings have consistently had several properties that makes them useful. Name some of them.
Most often, it was used as a telepathic communicator, tracker, homing beacon, distress signal, or translator, and of course it gave the wearer flying ability. But sometimes the writer would add other capabilities, like transuit wearing, invisibility, and as a key guard in the Legion Cruiser.

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MaGnUs said...

According to this page, the events of Supergirl's initiation (from Action Comics #276) were retold for the Glorithverse in Legion Of Super-Heroes V4 #9, substitituing Laurel Gand for Supergirl.