Monday, November 05, 2007

Trivia Quiz #17

This month's sorta-theme: Rings and Things.

1. Name three special properties of the Legion Flag.

2. Which Legionnaires' costumes had one or more letters on the front?

3. What happened to Lori Morning's H-Dial? Whose was it originally?

4. Which two Legionnaires were responsible for the creation of the Legion Flight Ring pre-Crisis? Post-Zero Hour?

5. Name two times King Arthur's sword Excalibur appeared in Legion continuity.

6. What different symbols has Ayla Ranzz had on her costumes?

7. Legion Flight Rings have consistently had several properties that makes them useful. Name some of them.


Allan Lappin said...

2. Ferro Lad (Fe), Phantom Girl (P), Invisible Kid (i)
4. Pre-Crisis, didn't Element Lad create the metal necessary for the ati-gravity property? Both pre- and post-, Brainy designed the rings.
5. Supergirl retrieved Excalibur as a present for Lightening Lad when she was inducted.
6. Lightning Bolt and Feather
7. Flight, Universal Translater, Homing Beacon.

Gregory Sheets said...

1. It was luminous so that it could be seen for miles

2. Ferro Lad (Fe), Phantom Girl (P), Invisible Kid (i), Element Lad (E), Superboy (S), Supergirl (S)

4. Pre-Crisis, Mon-El created Element 152 and Brainy actually made the rings; Post-ZH, Brainy inadvertently de-gravitized a sample of Valorium and Invisible Kid used it to make the rings.

5. Supergirl retrieved Excalibur while unearthing artifacts as part of her initiation; later it was on display at the Tower of London during the Great Darkness Saga (and I believe was the target of one of the Servants' raids for powerful artifacts).

6. Lightining bolts, cloud, feather(s), upwards-pointing arrow

7. Flight, distress signal, communicator, universal translator, mid-range tracking beacon, telepathic control

RAB said...

2. In Adventure Comics #247 -- and a few other random appearances since then -- Cosmic Boy, Lightning Boy, and Saturn Girl clearly had the letters a, b, c, g, h, i, l, m, n, o, r, s, t, u, and y on the front of their costumes!

peter vandeneng said...

2. m'onel's costume was largely one BIG 'M', if you squint just right... and 3boot tinya's had a stylized 'P'

peter vandeneng said...

oh, right, you guys said tinya. i'm all blind and stuff.

Matthew E said...

Without looking at other answers...

1. I used to know this. It's damage-resistant, it flaps even with no wind, and it sparkles? Something like that?

2. Phantom Girl has a 'P' currently. Element Lad has had an Interlac 'E'. Atmos has had an Interlac 'A', I think. All three original Legionnaires had their entire freaking names on their costumes originally.

3. Was it Robby Reed's?

4. Pre-Crisis was Mon-El and... I forget who. In the reboot it was Invisible Kid.

5. The first time was when Supergirl found it as her Legion membership test. The second time was during Great Darkness when a Servant stole it.

6. Lightning. Feather. Up-arrows. Was there anything else?

7. Flight, of course. Communication, at times. Homing device. Activation of the transuit for outer-space adventures. Costume change, currently.

Jim Drew said...

1. The flag was luminous, could be seen thousands of miles into space, and could force people to salute.

2. Lightning Boy, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Element Lad, Phantom Girl, M'Onel, Superboy, Supergirl, Invisible Kid, Shadow Lass.

3. It was Robby Reed's, and Brainiac 5 seized it and destroyed it (technically, he "shorted it out").

4. Mon-El and Brainiac 5 preboot, Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid postboot

5. Supergirl dug it up, and Darkseid drained its power. Probably also in the non-continuity Elseworlds annual.

6. Lightning bolts, cloud, feather, arrow

7. Flight, telepathic earplug (postboot), deploy transsuit (3boot), other communication behaviors, I think access to parts of HQ

Jonathan Miller said...

Others have gotten most of the answers I would have given, but I am pretty sure that Lori's H-Dial wasn't Robby Reed's, it was one of the two dials from the second series. (The owners were Vicki and....I can't remember.) Not sure which one she had, though.

Robby's dial, of course, showed up in New Adventures of Superboy #50, guest starring the Legion. :-)

Fairy Cat said...

7. Another property of the flight rings in pre-crisis times was the ability for the user to turn it invisible. I believe this was shown in the back-up story from late 70s that also featured a villain named Vibrex. The usefulness of the invisibility included Legionnaires wearing it while it was invisible... as some intergalactic cultures did not condone wearing rings.

Scott said...

5. I think Laurel Gand also un-earthed them in the spotlight on Laurel Gand issue of the 5YL Legion.

Don Sakers said...

7. The wearer of a flight ring could operate secure machinery (specifically, the controls of a Legion Cruiser). Anyone who tried to do so without a flight ring was imprisoned in an impenetrable bubble.