Sunday, November 11, 2007

TwoMorrows: Only a Day Away

TwoMorrows Publishing is having a half-off sale on magazines for the month of November. You can pick up one of these issues for only $4.50 each:

Back Issue #14

BACK ISSUE #14 goes back to the future—saluting the world of tomorrow—in our star-studded “Future Issue”! For the first time ever, DAVE COCKRUM and MIKE GRELL are interviewed together in an exclusive “Pro2Pro” on their groundbreaking stints on Legion of Super-Heroes. ... With an all-new Legion of Super-Heroes cover by MIKE GRELL and BOB McLEOD!

Back Issue #22
In Back Issue 22: “Dynamic Duos”! Two “Pro2Pro” interviews reunite ... Legion of Super-Heroes’ PAUL LEVITZ and KEITH GIFFEN

I covered Back Issue #22 here earlier.

TwoMorrows also published the Best of the Legion Outpost and the Legion Companion, both still available (but not part of the sale).

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