Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wizard World Texas '07

Oh yeah, there was a convention in my home state this past weekend. (Which is one of the problems WWTX is having, but I digress...). A few items of note:

Friday 11/16
Not directly related (yet), but via Newsarama:

Don’t get too sentimental about his recent death. Bart Allen’s story is not over, according to DiDio.

And maybe we shouldn’t be overly bummed about Conner Kent. When asked if there were plans for Kon-El, the answer provided was a coy “Maybe.”

Recall that a Flashy-looking character was captured in the wand at the end of the Lightning Saga story that also brought back Wally West. Is that one Bart or Barry? If it's Bart, then Bart could end up in the future of a world/timeline in which he never existed.

Meanwhile, a poster on ComicBloc noted that "In last month's Wizard magazine, Jim Shooter says that there will be a new character that if he mentioned it by name DC would send someone over and nuke his house."

Anyone have that Wizard? And let's speculate, who could be the new Legionnaire such that their very name would inspire a Shooter nuke?


J.D. Long said...

When I was at Chicago Wizardworld this summer I asked Didio at the DC Panel if Chuck Dixon would be writing anything for DC in the future. (Chuck had been pretty much persona non grata since his departure for Crossgen several years ago.) Didio gave me the same sly "Maybe?!?!?" then.

Today Chuck Dixon is writing both "Robin" and "Batman and the Outsiders," and may be up for a few more.

Bart would be a nice addition to the Legion (he was originally from the 30th century), although it would beg the question of "Whatever happened to XS?" And I still like the storyline of Conner staying with the Legion -- he gained a lot of fight experience with the LSH, and worked pretty well with them as well.

Interesting . . .


SherylR said...

I didn't go to Wizard World Texas this year. Why? Last year there was no DC booth, there was really no news from either Marvel or DC in the panels and the most interesting thing at the con was the indy comics room. This year I decided to just save my pennies for San Diego this next summer. If Wizard World Texas is intending to make a go of it, they've got to do a lot better than they did last year. For a con that started out quite enjoyable for the first couple of years, this last year was a real disappointment. I am hoping that they fixed the issues this year, but I haven't heard much about it, which tells me that it hasn't.