Sunday, January 13, 2008

Déjà Vu 6: Legion logos

1st Legion v2 logo, issues 259-279 (from #261)

2nd Legion v4 logo, issues 54-125 (from #73)

Legion v5 logo, issue 37-present (from #37)

In a comment on his site, Todd Klein said that he did not do this newest logo and doesn't know who did, but "it does look something like one of my old designs."

Todd did most of the Legion logos (see his Legion logo review, part 1, part 2, and part 3) from 1980 until 2007, all but "Legionnaires 3", both v4 logos, "Legion Lost", "Legion Worlds", and "The Legion".


Reboot said...

Bearing in mind this is the first time I've seeen it, I'm put more in mind of the LSH v4 logo from #50-125 (Legion on the Run + postboot until the title's cancellation) from the styling of LEGION, slope or no.

Michael said...

Good catch. I've added it in there. The "-ion" is very reminiscent of that v4 logo, but I like how they made the "-gio-" part symmetrical.

Reboot said...

Not quite - the "G" has a right angle on its' bottom-left corner, but there's no corresponding angle on the "O", which has both bottom corners rounded.

[PS: Nitpick Corner - If you're noting "both v4 logos", shouldn't you note "both The Legion logos" too? :p]

Michael said...

Well, the second logo for "The Legion" was basically just some font with Bold and Italic, with a little "THE" pasted on top of the "L". I'd think that you or I could design that. But yes, it's technically a logo.