Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trivia #19 answers

As usual, you guys got all the answers nearly immediately. Is there no end to your knowledge of arcane trivia? Here are the answers to my all-singing, all-dancing, all-v4 quiz:

1. Which members of the SW6 Batch were killed in an explosion?

Karate Kid, Chameleon Boy, and Princess Projectra. This was Giffen's second time killing Karate Kid - will he get a third chance in "Countdown"?

2. At some point before the White Witch joined the Legion, she may have been responsible for which Legionnaire's powers?
According to Doug Atkinson's 1994 v4-era FAQ, "Kono's mother was a major technology raider for Sklar. At one point she aided the Hag (who was actually the White Witch) and was given a blessing: her daughter would have mighty abilities and know glory and adventure as had no Sklarian before her. When her first daughter, Brita, was born, she turned out to have the ability to transfer mass between objects." I wrote "may have" because (a) I don't remember the details of the story, and (b) it's not clear from the above passage whether Mysa actually did something. If someone knows for sure, I'll take their word for it.

3. Post-Black Dawn, an underground group arose on Earth based around the Legion of Substitute Heroes, called the SUBS. What does the acronym SUBS stand for?
According to the above v4-era FAQ, it stands for "Superhuman Underground Battle Squad".

4. After he was freed from prison, Brek Bannin (the former Polar Boy) became head of the Tartarus underground resistance and later leader of Tartarus' official hero team. Who were the members of his team?
"After Evillo was overthrown and arrested, he became leader of Tartarus' official hero team, consisting of Stilletta, Styx (Evillo's daughters), Sugyn, Policy Pam [with the power to sell insurance to anybody], Spaceopoly Lad [has the power to finish any game of Spaceopoly he starts], and Echo-Chamber Chet [sonic powers]." (from the FAQ)

5. Which Legionnaire(s) spent at least part of their time with the Legion during the v4 era as an energy form?
Wildfire and Celeste Rockfish. Quislet would fit in here if he appeared at all during v4.

6. Who blew up the moon?
I was wondering if anyone would say Dev-Em, but it wasn't him. He was supposed to do it, according to the Linear Men, but when he didn't, they had to step in and pull the trigger.

7. XS and Impulse weren't the only ones who got their powers from the Tornado Twins. Who else did?
I have no recollection of her, but apparently someone named Mara Williams was given their speed powers by the Dominators. She joined the UP Officer's Academy after spending time on Quarantine. Her code name was Rush and she first appeared in v4 #51.

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Jim Drew said...

Rush appeared in the issue set on -- was it Medicus Two? -- with Kent Shakespeare and Ivy (Swamp Thing's alleged descendant, with the white tuft in her hair), the one that read like a setup for a new Legion spin-off comic.

My memory say "Rush" is the codename assumed based on some graffiti, not from anything concrete in the issue. But I haven't read it in 15 years, so who knows.