Monday, February 25, 2008

Action 862 sneak peek

Superman Homepage has a sneak peek at the first five pages of Action Comics 862. That's part 5 of the 6-part story. Bring in the Subs! The cover to this issue has the subs most recently known as Chlorophyll Kid and Stone Boy, plus former reject Rainbow Girl and someone who is either Fire Lad or The Mess. This one's got an alternate Keith Giffen cover.


Blockade Boy said...

"Either Fire Lad or the Mess"?!

Must be an awfully generic costume! Or has the Mess' garbage-smeared head spontaneously combusted, like a pile of oily rags? 'Cause that shit will be harder to douse than a tire fire!

Michael said...

Yeah, I really can't tell. Check out the cover, who's the guy on the far left? He's all in fiery colors like Fire Lad, but he's got this cloud rising from his head that reminds me of The Mess.

pvandeneng said...

it's staq... if the alt cover by giffen didn't look flamey enough, i got the tuesday sneak peek at the issue.

did anyone else notice that the mess is in the toon, looking like equal parts pigpen, alfred e. neuman and george w. bush?

NICE issue. i can't wait to read all 6 parts together.