Friday, February 15, 2008

Caption contest 6: Kissing Contest

The kids want Star Boy to join in their 31st century version of spin-the-bottle. What does he say in reply?

(By the way, do you think this panel is the origin of the Spark/Chameleon romance from the post-Zero Hour reboot run?)


kushiro said...

"Sorry, I've got to go lose my powers, then kill some random dude."


"Sure, I'd, uh, love to kiss all you girls. Really! But today I'm gonna work on my beard. And by beard, I mean Dream Girl."

Rivers said...

You kids have fun. I've got an appointment for some heavy petting.

Anonymous said...

I, uh, hate to tell you this Cham, but that ain't Ayla... it's Proty.

Tom said...

Note that Element Lad is conveniently working the controls. With a big grin. "No thanks, guys, you go on ahead. I'm just going to sit here and watch Invisible Kid making out with me... I mean Violet."

And if the machine is just decide who kisses who, what's up with the big pink rays it's shooting at the kissers? Couldn't it just, oh, tell them?

MaGnUs said...

"Sorry guys, but the pinkish/purplish costume slot at the controls was already taken. I'm gonna get me a less gay costume... perhaps something a manly starfield pattern, and some oh-so-studly white gloves and boots!"

J.D. Long said...

"See what side of my costume is turned towards you? Try kissing THAT, Headband Lad!"


Jim Drew said...

Grife no, guys. The way Jan's twisting that dial, every one of you is going to end up gay or something!

Anonymous said...

regarding jim's comment:

Seriously, of the folks playing, and across continities-

- Three of them were gay
- One had a long term relationship with a transexual
- One is currently asexual, or omnisexual, or something
- And one married Bouncing Boy!

Michael said...

Well, only if you agree that the TMK Legion was a valid extrapolation of what had gone before. That interpretation doesn't include a Superboy and has a Lightning Lad whose body has inhabited an alien for a couple decades.

D. Floyd said...

"Geez guys, that sounds like fun, but I've got three terabytes of Classical Spears to catch up on!"