Thursday, February 14, 2008

Magic 8-Ball, will we see a third season of the Legion cartoon?

Magic 8-Ball says "Outlook not so good".

If you'll recall, at this time in 2006, we had already heard casting news and the voice actors had started recording episodes.

At this time in 2007, we had heard that the animators were already working on episodes, and then a few days later KidsWB! sent out a press release announcing (among other things) the official renewal.

This time in 2008? Nothing. Haven't seen anything in my Google alerts, haven't see anything at the animation sites, and at least one industry insider isn't optimistic. It's not just the Legion, though, it could be the entire slate of what's currently on Saturday morning (Tom & Jerry, Batman, Scooby Doo, etc.).

Hope I'm wrong, though, I'd like to see a third season.


Dr said...

Could be due to the writers strike. But with KidsWB ending, they may just take it as a chance to drop it.

Michael said...

No, animated shows (except for The Simpsons) are not part of the Writer's Guild, they're a different union (IATSE), so that's not it.

Your second comment is more likely on the mark, I bet.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting it's something to do with the end of the KidsWB block, too, although I honestly think that the new handlers would have to be total fools not to retain at least a few of the existing shows. Of course, since the new handlers are 4Kids (a.k.a. "Girls are icky & shouldn't watch our shows"), I'm willing to bet that they are total fools.

It would really suck - not only do I love Legion, but I'm probably one of the few who really enjoys the new Scooby series. I'd hate to see them end just as they're both really getting good.

anthonyriva said...

i'm pretty sure it has to do with KidsWB ending. the chance that LOSH could be picked up by another network like cartoon network (probably the only network that would want to produce new shows) could mean that development and announcements for the new season could be delayed and/or off-cycle. i'm not sure about this, but i'm pretty sure Teen Titans were produced off-cycle, with the new seasons starting in July.