Monday, February 04, 2008

Trivia Quiz #20

This edition of the trivia quiz is dedicated to Carl Douglas. Today, grasshoppers, we will discuss that cat who is as fast as lightning, Karate Kid. In fact, he was a little bit frightening, but he fought with expert timing.

1. When Karate Kid originally joined the Legion in "Adventure Comics" #346, it was the first time he met them but it was not the first time they met him. Explain.

2. On his way back from having spent time in the 20th century, traveling to his home timeline in the 30th, where did Karate Kid stop over? What revelation was made that ties in with "Countdown" and "Final Crisis" as a result of that stopover? And for what event did he come back to the 30th century just in time?

3. Who stayed behind to watch the HQ during the wedding of Karate Kid and Queen Projectra?

4. Why did Karate Kid leave the Work Force?

5. Where, with whom, and why was Karate Kid stranded during the "Legion Worlds" storyline?

6. How many different versions of Karate Kid has Batman met?

7. When Karate Kid was unmasked as Trident in the "Lightning Saga" storyline, what was significant about the name he gave as his identity?

Bonus question: How does Karate Kid (the Legionnaire) tie in with the movie of the same name?


Reboot said...

>> 4. Why did Karate Kid leave the Work Force?

He thought McCauley was defiling the Anomaly, destroyed Evolvo's machine, knocked out Evolvo and ran & claimed asylum with the Legion

>> 5. Where, with whom, and why was Karate Kid stranded during the "Legion Worlds" storyline?

Steeple, with Ferro, because he stayed behind with the comatose Andy when a black hole sealed the planet off from conventional travel for ten years.

>> Bonus question: How does Karate Kid (the Legionnaire) tie in with the movie of the same name?

The filmmakers paid DC for the use of the name.

Jonathan Miller said...

I really need to get my comics out of storage. A lot of these questions rang a bell, but I can only answer a few from memory, like:

2. He stopped off in Kamandi's time. I can't recall what the revelation was, but does it have something to do with Bunker Command D? I believe he arrived back just in time for the Great Darkness, right?

3. I want to say it was the three founders--Cos, Imra and Garth. Or was that another wedding?

7. It's something to do with one of Meltzer's novels, right? (Given how underwhelmed I was by his JLA run, I haven't been tempted to read any of them, I'm afraid.)

Rivers said...

Question 1: The Legion travelled back in time during the solo issue run and met KK in the 20st century before thy met him in the 30th century.

Infinity said...

1. I don't have a clue about this one.

2. Well, he stopped over in the Great Disaster timeline and met Kamandi. Was the revelation that the Great Disaster and the Legion's 30th Century were alternate timelines of Earth-1? Oh, and Val made it back just in time for Imra & Garth's wedding.

3. Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel

4 & 5. Reboot's answers sound good to me.

6. I think it's just two. The original, in Brave and the Bold 197(?) and the Threeboot version in the new Brave and the Bold #5. The Reboot version wasn't part of the group stuck in the 20th Century, and I don't remember any other contact between the JLA and Reboot Legion.

7. No idea

Duke said...

1) KK fought the Pre-Shooter Legion in issue #12 and #13 of his eponymous mag. This is the issue in which I saw many of the silver age costumers for the first time. It is also when I realized that, whether sadled with protective headgear, or dressed up as a space cowboy, Colossal Boy would be forver fashionably challenged.

From the FWIW department, the Legionnaires seen hear must have been come from a time between Adventure Comics #329 (into flight rings) and #332 (Super-Mody arm-chomper)

2) KK made an appearance as the second to last boy on Earth in Kamandi #58 along with Iris (Dimonddeath) Jacobs, who, I'm sad to say, never really got a fair shake. I have no idea what the revelation might be that ties into Crisis, unless it has something to do with "the vortex" and the "wonderous western wall." Am I close?

Of course, KK returned just in time for "Eeeeearth Waaaarrrrr!!!! those wonderful Eeeearth Waaaarrrrsss!!!!! If they should bar wars, what would you dooooooooo!"

3) Tyroc. Whevever somebody had to be left behind, it was always Tyroc. It would have been Chemical King, but he was dead, or, according to the Lighting Sage Legion, he never existed.

4)KK lost his reserved demeanor when Leland McCauley tried to explot a poor, helpless space anomoly.

5) KK was stuck on Steeple with Ferro and a purple, sonic powered race, any one of whom would have made a nice, post-boot Tyroc. Unfortunatly, it was too early in that timeline for anyone to be left behind during missions requiring every sentient creature who ever wore a flight ring.

6) Hmmm... a toughie, which I assume can only assume that all of the KK's met the same Batman. See, I've always found the post-Crisis amalgamated timeline continuity WAY harder to follow that the multiverse.

7)He stole it from Brad Meltzer.

BONUS) DC had to purchase rights to the KK name, unless you are thinking of something else...

Jim Drew said...

Appending on to others notes:

3. Wasn't it Gim and Vi (actually Yera) who stayed behind? Tyroc was still lost in Limbo at the time.

6. 2 or 3 versions: the SLSH era one, the Lightning Saga one (may or may not be different), the Threeboot one (recently in B&B). Batman wasn't present when the Reboot Legion visited in LSH #100 (but Superman, Robin, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter were)