Friday, February 22, 2008

Wonder Con '08: Day 1 - Perez on the Legion soon?

WonderCon in San Francisco is this weekend. Here are the juicy Legiony news tidbits from today's DC Nation panel:

Via Technophobiac Sci-Fi:

Superstar artist George Perez may be going into the future for his next project. The artist, best known for his work on 1980s universe-ending saga Crisis On Infinite Earths provided the cover for May's DC Universe: Zero, which DiDio said "may lead into what he's doing next". The stars of that particular cover? Futuristic teen super-heroes, the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Via Comic Book Resources:
DiDio said he did “not know how to answer” to the question of whether the Legion from “Action Comics” will be getting its own series.

DiDio indicated that the cover art of “DC Universe” #0 “shows what George [Perez] might be doing next.”

Via Newsarama:
Will readers see any more of the Legion that's currently in Action Comics? DiDio deferred to Wayne who said it was as if there were two or three Legions operating.

Elaborating on "DC Universe" #0, DiDio said that the one-shot issue is more than just a bridge between "Countdown to..." and "Final Crisis" proper, but also lays the groundwork for "Green Lantern: Blackest Night", the upcoming Wonder Woman story, and more. To do this, the various artists were brought on.

DiDio pointed out the Perez artwork in the cover to #0, adding that the characters pictured give a hint to what Perez will soon be working on.

"This is the launching pad for everything that is to come," DiDio said.

Coming up Saturday:
1:30-3:00 DCU: Countdown to Crisis— Dan DiDio, senior VP—executive editor DCU and Bob Wayne, VP—sales are joined by Mike Carlin, senior group editor—DCU, Jann Jones, senior coordinating editor—DCU, Kurt Busiek (Superman), Darwyn Cooke (Will Eisner’s The Spirit), Jim Lee (All Star Batman & Robin), and others for a panel that’s not to be missed. The Sinestro War has passed, the Countdown is nearly over, and a Final Crisis looms! What lies ahead for our favorite heroes? Find out here! Room 104


pvandeneng said...

yeah, that's it.. don't just give me back MY legion... get PEREZ TO GIVE ME BACK MY LEGION!

i could (resignedly) live with the idea of my beloved 5YL years being an elseworld; i've been thinking of the threeboot as an elseworld all along.

the action hardcover is an indication that DC PTB are getting the message. maybe. hopefully. pleases?


(especially LLmyL!)

MaGnUs said...

Match made in heaven!