Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Geoff Johns, on Green Lanterns in the 31st century

Geoff Johns did an interview with Newsarama last week where he discussed his current "Green Lantern" storyline. The interviewer brought up a question that resulted in an interesting answer that has got people in a tizzy:

NRAMA: [laughs] OK, but despite the fact that this interview is concentrating just on Green Lantern and not your other DC titles, it's hard to talk about the emotional spectrum and not mention that we saw a character in Action Comics last week who seemed to tap into this emotional spectrum for her powers.

GJ: Yeah. [laughs] Rainbow Girl. But not very well. She's managed to tap into a couple of colors. But she doesn't understand them. To her, it's just more for fun.

NRAMA: So we know the emotional spectrum has power even into the future.

GJ: Yeah. Where there is no Green Lantern Corps.

NRAMA: There isn't any Green Lantern Corps in the future?

GJ: Not in the 31st century.

NRAMA: So... there's nobody left from the Green Lantern Corps?

GJ: Uh... in the 31st century, you have two Green Lanterns. That's it.

NRAMA: Who are they?

GJ: One's Rond Vidar. And there's another one.

NRAMA: Uh huh.

GJ: ...

NRAMA: And are you going to tell us the other one?

GJ: No. [laughs]

NRAMA: [laughs] So I guess we're going to find out who the other one is in some upcoming story?

GJ: Yes, we will.

NRAMA: Is that something you’re writing?

GJ: Uh... maybe.

So let's see...
  • Pre-Crisis, the Green Lanterns were forbidden to be on Earth. Universo (as Argus Oranx) was the first known GL in the sector in the 30th century, followed by Xenofobe when Universo was booted. But last we saw, there was a Green Lantern Corps in the 30th century. (I wrote about the issue with Xenofobe here).
  • Post-Crisis: The revelation that Rond Vidar was a secret GL didn't come until the Conspiracy storyline, which was post-Crisis.
  • In the Glorithverse, Celeste Rockfish had some connection to the GL Corps, but we never found out exactly what it was.
  • Post-Zero Hour, Cary Wren was the last GL, a descendant of Kyle Rayner.
  • We haven't seen the Post-Infinite Crisis GL Corps yet, but it sounds like Rainbow Girl may have tapped into the power in the Lightning Saga future.
  • In the animated Legion-verse, via the comic, we saw a full GL Corps with Earth's representative Jordana Gardner.

For a GL history in the various continuities, see this article in the Legion Wiki.

Here's some more Newsarama forum discussion on the GL/Rond Vidar aspect.

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Chockys said...

The secret Green Lantern appart of Rond Vidar is the own Sodam Yat, turned in the last Guardian of the Universe. It appears in "Legion Of 3 Worlds", where at the end of it Sodam tries to recreate the Corp sending thousands of power rings across the universe. In fact, one of them locates a carrier in the Sector 2814, but his identity remains in the mystery. For more details, read "LO3W". See you people...