Thursday, March 27, 2008

"LEGION isn’t a comic; it’s a lifestyle"

I am such a slacker. Here are some items that I would have posted in the last few weeks if I wasn't being lazy:

  • The Legion Abstract has a sneak peek at some promotional art for the San Diego Comic Con's Legion panel, titled "We Are Legion".

  • Tim Callahan has the cover (hmmm, that design looks kind of familiar....) to his upcoming book of essays entitled "Teenagers from the Future", published by Sequart. It'll be available at the New York Comic Con next month, and in stores in May.
    Here's Matt Fraction, from the Foreword: "LEGION isn’t a comic; it’s a lifestyle. Its fans are rabid, loyal, and exasperated by people like me who get fed up trying to parse its history and understand it. They rock non-ironic flight rings and remember where they were when Chemical King died.

    And it’s because of that dedication and love I find them, and the LEGION, fascinating; because of that, this book is really kind of a godsend. Or whatever pantheistic super-deity they may or may not worship in the 30th century. What’s that? 31st century? Great. Okay. See how much I need this book?"

    So where were you when Chemical King died (on-sale date March 21, 1977, as if I needed to remind anyone)? I was in 5th grade and had only been reading the Legion for a couple of years. I probably bought that issue from the 7-11 (which amazingly is still there) just north of Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ. Beyond that, though, I can't pin it down further.

  • Larsworld has some custom action figures depicting the Legionnaires in their Grell-era costumes.

  • Nobody told me that Major Spoilers was back. They've got a series of a couple dozen outstanding Hero Histories dating back to last summer. (via)

  • Shayera at scans_daily catches everyone up on the Legion of Substitute Heroes from their original appearances to last month's Action issue.

  • Christopher Bird continues his increasingly mis-numbered Top 30 Reasons why he should write the Legion. Here's reason #36 and #37. See here for more.

  • The Comic Treadmill continues its retro-review of all the Legion stories, this time from the second quarter of 1965, featuring Adventure Comics 331-333.

  • Here's a YouTube mashup of the Legion cartoon with a popular song. Check out the sidebar there for numerous others. Most of them feature Brainiac 5, with some saying he's gay for Superman and others denying it.

  • WordBalloon had a podcast of a career-spanning interview with Mike Grell.

  • I should have mentioned it at the time, but Legion Abstract had a great 50th anniversary tribute last month.


Gustavo said...


I was reading comics already, probably discovering the Legion, at age 8, through the Editorial Novaro Mexican reprints ( I live in Argentina ). I remember reading this story, but probably a couple of years later, still in grade school.
Undoubtly the first death of a starring character in comics I ever saw ( even though I hardly knew Chem, of whom I had only seen a reprint of his first appearance in the LoSV story )

Matthew Peterson said...

In March of 1977, I would have been approximately 6 years old. At the time, I believed that I was too old, too grown up for comic books... Ironic now, that my entire office is full of longboxes and TWO of my regular jobs are directly tied to my love of comics.

I do know that not long after Chemical King died, I was at my mother's farm outside of Jewell, Kansas, hearing the sad news that Elvis likewise passed away. Guys with sideburns were at great risk in '77, apparently Oh, and sorry we didn't tell you we're back. :)

MaGnUs said...

1977? I wasn't born yet. :>

Yay, Teenagers From The Future!!!!! I owe this blog a debt of gratitude, since it was here that Tim Callahan spotted me and invited me to write for that book.