Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shooter, Livesay, Legion to be at NYCC

LSH inker Livesay posted a note over on the ComicBloc boards a couple days ago:

Hi everybody!
Jim Shooter and I will be doing a Legion of Super Heroes panel at the New York Comic con April 19th 10:30-11:00 am.
Come by and check it out!
Both of us will have tables in artists alley as well. So stop by, and say hi!
Thanks!!! Livesay

Mary the Wretched has some art samples by Livesay, his inks over Manapul's pencils for images from the current and upcoming issues.

The rest of the NYCC schedule isn't out yet.

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Jonathan Miller said...

Hey Michael, fyi, there's an interview with Keith Giffen about Countdown up at ComicMix (don't have the link handy, sorry) where he mentions, possibly tongue in cheek, how happy he is to have had a chance to hurt Karate Kid again.

I still don't quite understand his hate for the character, but he sure isn't quiet about it!