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Trivia #21 answers

This month's theme was the Name Game. As usual, it only took you a couple of days to get all the answers.

1. Who were Liggt and Theg?

As revealed in LSH v4 #8: In reproduction, Durlans simultaneously impregnate each other, which results in twin births. One twin must then prove its worthiness to survive... by killing the other. When Reep Daggle was forced to kill his brother Liggt, he vowed to never again take part in such barbarity, and as soon as he was able to find a way, he left Durla for United Planets space. Like most, he came to Earth (via Cosmic Teams).

Theg was the Durlan guy who took the nameless Durlan who would become R.J. Brande back to Durla. The future Brande mated with Theg's sister, and Reep and Liggt were the children. When Theg and Brande were both struck by the disease that made them stuck in one form, they went to Earth and passed as humans. Theg became Brande's "cousin" Doyle Brande, though they weren't actually related (via Cosmic Teams). Doyle was later revealed as the one responsible for the assassination attempt that led to the formation of the Legion.

2. When Paul Levitz wrote the "Starman" series featuring Prince Gavyn, he used a name for a character that was identical to a Legion character. What is the name?
exnihil got it right. Jedediah "Jed" Rikane was the purple/gray-skinned Power Boy from the Legion Academy, while Jediah "Jed" Rikane was originally one of Starman (Prince Gavyn)'s allies.

3. Which Legionnaire's theme song could be the 1963 song "Da Doo Ron Ron"?
The first line of the song goes "I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still..." Of course, that would refer to Mon-el (even though his name wasn't Bill). The group was The Crystals, but the song wasn't a reference to Crystal Kid.

4. Besides the Legion of Super-Heroes, which other "Legion of" teams have been shown in the 30th/31st century?
You guys came up with Substitute Heroes, Super Villains, Super Pets, Super Monsters, Super Rejects, and Stupor Bizarros (I had forgotten about the Bizarros).

5. What was the real name of the Space Circus of Death?
It was the Bacard Barley Circus.

6. When Ultra Boy was amnesiac and wandering around with space pirates (yarrrr!), what was his name?
"While [Captain] Frake called him "Driftwood" a few times, he chose the name Seeker, since he was seeking his identity."

7. Which Legionnaire’s parent shares a name with...?
a) a Hawaiian beach
b) a cartoon dog
c) the word “Look” in another language
d) a political cartoonist
e) a Las Vegas casino
Wow, I thought this would be next to impossible, since you couldn't really google them. But exnihil got them all:
a. Ewa Beach, on the island of Oahu - Ewa Krinn (Cosmic Boy's mom)
b. Ren (of Ren & Stimpy) - Ren Daggle (Chameleon Boy's dad)
c. Mira ("look" in Spanish) - Mira Kallor (Star Boy's mom)
d. Ted Rall - Rall Kem (Matter-Eater Lad's dad)
e. Wynn Casino - Wynn Allon (Colossal Boy's dad)

Bonus round: in honor of last week's publishing anniversary of Adventure 247, how many times has the Legion story from that issue been reprinted over the years?
As can be seen here at the Legion Wiki:
Superman Annual 6
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest 1
Adventure Comics 491
Legion Archives 1
Silver Age Classics reprint
Millennium Edition reprint
World's Best Comics Silver Age Sampler
Showcase Presents: LSH 1
and coming soon, 1050 Years of the Future.

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