Monday, March 03, 2008

Trivia Quiz #21

This month's theme: The Name Game! Here's how we play it:
Say The Name twice. Say "Bo" & say The Name again, but replace the first letter with "B" (as long as it's a consonant, otherwise just add "B"). Then say "Banana Fanna Fo" and say The Name again, but replace the first letter with "F". Say "Fee Fi Mo" and say The Name again, but this time replace the first letter with "M", then say The Name again. However, if The Name begins with "B," "F" or "M," then just leave that letter off at the appropriate step. For example, "Legion Legion Bo Begion, Banana Fana Fo Fegion, Fee Fi Mo Megion, Legion." Or "Mon-el Mon-el Bo Bon-el, Banana Fana Fo Fon-el, Fee Fi Mo On-el, Mon-el." (Note: don't use "Chuck".)

1. Who were Liggt and Theg?

2. When Paul Levitz wrote the "Starman" series featuring Prince Gavyn, he used a name for a character that was identical to a Legion character. What is the name?

3. Which Legionnaire's theme song could be the 1963 song "Da Doo Ron Ron"?

4. Besides the Legion of Super-Heroes, which other "Legion of" teams have been shown in the 30th/31st century?

5. What was the real name of the Space Circus of Death?

6. When Ultra Boy was amnesiac and wandering around with space pirates (yarrrr!), what was his name?

7. Which Legionnaire’s parent shares a name with...?
a) a Hawaiian beach
b) a cartoon dog
c) the word “Look” in another language
d) a political cartoonist
e) a Las Vegas casino

Bonus round: in honor of last week's publishing anniversary of Adventure 247, how many times has the Legion story from that issue been reprinted over the years?


Matthew E said...

1. They were Durlans, I know that. Chameleon Boy's... brother and uncle? Something like that.
2. Well, 'Starman', obviously. I don't suppose that's what you mean, though, but I don't know another.
3. The song is by the Crystals, so... Crystal Kid? Only other thing I can think of is someone who fell in love with someone named Bill, but I can't think of anyone like that.
4. Substitute Heroes, Super-Pets, Super-Villains... Monsters?

Don't know for the rest.

Johanna said...

1. Liggt was Chameleon Boy's brother. Theg was the Durlan guy who took the nameless Durlan who would become R.J. Brande back to Durla. When he and Brande were both struck by the disease that made them stuck in one form, they went to Earth and passed as humans. Theg became Brande's "cousin" Doyle, though they weren't actually related.

6. Captain Frake called him Driftwood.

Rivers said...

Regarding number seven --

a - Ohau Taine
b - Scooby Doo Wazzo
c - Ooklay Norg
d - Trudeau Ardeen
e - Circus Circus Armorr

exnihil said...

1. Nothing I can add to Johanna's answer, except that Liggt was killed by Cham in a rite of passage.

2. I think you're going for "Jed Rikane," except in Starman, it's Jediah Rikane, and in the Legion it's Jedediah Rikane.

3. Well, could be Mon-El: "I met him on a Monday"

4. Substitute Heroes, Super Villains, Super Pets, Super Monsters, Super Rejects, Stupor Bizarros.

5. Bacard Barley

6. I got nothin'

a. Ewa Beach - Ewa Krinn (Cosmic Boy)
b. Ren - Ren Daggle (Cham)
c. Mira - Mira Kallor (Star Boy)
d. I'm sure this is not the one you want, but Robert Ariail - Robert Shakespeare (Kent Shakespeare)
e. Wynn Casino - Wynn Allon (Colossal Boy)

Superman Annual 6
Blue Ribbon Digest 1
Adventure 491
Legion Archives 1
Silver Age Classics reprint
Millennium Edition reprint
DC Archives Sampler
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exnihil said...

An amendment to my bonus answer; it's about to be reprinted again in:

"1,050 Years of the Future"

Infinity13307 said...

A couple of answers to supplement what's already given.

2. I think what you're going for is some derivative of Mallor, maybe an early ancestor of Prince Gavyn.

6. While Frakes called him "Driftwood" a few times, he chose the name Seeker, since he was seeking his identity.

exnihil said...

OK, that 7d answer was driving me crazy because I knew that a "Kent Shakespeare's father" reference was way too obscure, so a little digging brought up:

Ted Rall - Rall Kem (Matter-Eater Lad)

...which I think is closer to the mark.

Michael said...

I knew that a "Kent Shakespeare's father" reference was way too obscure

No more obscure than Matter-Eater Lad's father.

I need to check my computer settings. I think you might have hacked into my computer and read all of the answers.

exnihil said...

I think you might have hacked into my computer and read all of the answers.


Nah, nothing so sinister. I've just playing a Legion "Name Game" over on the DC boards for about a year now (cataloging the names of every character from a Legion story, ever) and have, to that end, allocated way too much space in my brain that would otherwise be used for something silly like, I dunno, work or something. :-)