Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wrapping it up: final LSH episodes to air soon

Got the latest info email from Warner Bros. Animation tonight, which not only confirms what we already knew (the Legion show is not going to be renewed) but also says that the final episodes aren't being held for sweeps in May. Instead, the final three episodes are coming the next three weeks.

Kids' WB! on The CW presents the final stand-alone episode of "Legion of Super Heroes" on Saturday, March 22 with a chapter entitled "In Your Dreams." The episode airs at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT.

The episode synopsis for "In Your Dreams": With the power to see the future in her dreams, Dream Girl warns the Legion of attacks by the criminal organization The Dark Circle aimed to take down the United Planets. However, Lightning Lad wonders if Dream Girl or her visions can be trusted. "In Your Dreams" is written by Stan Berkowitz (screenwriter of "Justice League: The New Frontier") and directed by Brandon Vietti.

The series will conclude with a two-part episode, which is scheduled
to air on Kids' WB! on consecutive Saturdays -- March 29 and April 5.

Here are some images from "In Your Dreams":


Terence Chua said...

Ah, to give us Nura at last only to cruelly snatch her away via cancellation. Damn you! Damn you all!

On another note, I could've sworn that Nura was already a member. Didn't we see her symbol flash by during the Season 1 title sequence and/or her being present when Timber Wolf was sworn in? Or am I imagining things?

Michael said...

Dream Girl appeared in season 1's "Timber Wolf" and "Sundown pt. 2", and season 2's "Man from the Edge of Tomorrow pt 2", "Cry Wolf", and "In the Beginning", but only as a cameo. This will be her first starring episode.

SherylR said...

Is there any chance that the series can be shopped to other networks? Have they tried that? It's a great little show. My husband, the "I don't read comics I read real books" guy watches the Legion Cartoon religously.

Mike, email me please. If you don't have it, you can get it from my LJ or CT page.

Allan Lappin said...

Any word if entire-season DVDs of the series will ever be for sale?

Kryptonian said...

Dream Girl! Wooo. About time she appeared as something other than a silent cameo. I have to admit, I found the first half of this season a little disappointing, but these last few episodes have been geek heaven. I mean The White Witch? Awesome.

Anyway... Did you put up the pics from "Trials"? I've seen them elsewhere, but not very good quality, and I can't seem to find them on the Omnicom...


Anonymous said...

I don't care if they come out striaght onto DVD. If there was more eps, I'd buy them reguardless. On a thought, right at ep.2 Dream Girl was amongst the captured Legionnaires... How did they get captured when they had her around? On another thought, is there anyone creating a petition for this series yet? I have several people who would love to add their name to a list! If it worked for Kim Possible, who knows... If one turns up, can the Omnicom link to it by any chance?

J.D. Long said...

One thing I think we can take some comfort from: when they tried to punt the series to 7:30 am last week, they must have had a pretty good amount ofcomments to immediately put it at 8:30 am the next week (a MUCH better time slot.)

So, there's hope. Apparently, we're a pretty vocal fan base. Plus I find it amazing that they're going to cancel the CW's cartoon block when they just started the Spider-man cartton this week.

Maybe good old-fashioned letter-writing campaign is in order here.