Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So somehow I missed my blogiversary here a couple weeks ago, on November 8th. Welcome to Omnicom Year 4.

Like all bloggers I'm fascinated by my hit count.
* 11/08/06: 50,000 visits
* 11/08/07: 170,005 visits
* 11/08/08: 316.730 visits
Interestingly, I seem to have about 150,000 visits per year for each of the last two years. I'd have figured that I would have had many more visitors in 2007-08 than in 2006-07.

My top 5 posts over the last year:
3/29/08 (702) - Superboy lawsuit
4/2/08 (666) - Legion of 3 Worlds
4/5/08 (679) - Legion of 3 Worlds
8/21/08 (854) - Legion of 3 Worlds #1 annotations
10/16/08 (697) - Legion of 3 Worlds #2 annotations

Last year I had 2 posts with over 1000 visits and one at over 3000 (when my Paul Levitz rumor was mentioned in "Lying in the Gutters).

Top 5 non-Google referrers: Legion Abstract (thanks, Matthew!), Absorbascon (thanks Scipio!), Legion World and Legion Clubhouse (thanks, Scott!), and CBR (thanks, Rich, even if I didn't 100% believe your Shooter story).

Top keywords: Sorry, they're all rather pedestrian and expected: "Legion Omnicom", "adventure 247", "Legion of Superheroes", "Legion of Three Worlds", "superboy lawsuit", "legion blog", etc.

You have to dig down into the single and double digits to find stuff like "lester spiffany stolen", "jessica alba nude", "terence chua annotations", "urgal psytrops", "how to pronounce ayla", "saturn girl bikini", "frunt klordny", and "how to draw squee".

Anyway, thanks to my readership - without you guys, I'd be typing to and for myself. To Freedom, Friendship, and Frunt!


Meerkatdon said...


Long Live the Legion Ominicom!

afob said...

Hear hear! Keep up the good work, Michael.

Johnathan said...

I also say words of delight and encouragement.

MykePM (Mike Morris) said...

Do I at least get some credit for the "how to pronounce ayla" keyword phrase? :)

Seriously, thanks for keeping the Omnicom going, Michael. I'm a frequent visitor. It makes me feel like I'm still connected to the Legion fandom community.

Jake said...

I can claim credit for at least one or two of the "urgal psytrops" searches. Here's hoping for four more non-retconned years!

Space Cadet Juan said...

Congrats, Michael! I enjoy your work a lot!

As a relative blogging newbie (While you are celebrating year four, my own humble corner of the internet is only on month four!) I have to ask: where do you come up with this data from? It's absolutely fascinating. Is this sort of info recorded for every blogspot blog?

I have your site listed in my sidebar so hopefully both of my readers have visited you at least once!

Michael said...

Juan - I use Google Analytics for these stats. It's free and easy, and it just requires you to put a bit of code in your template.