Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mattel: LSH Figures Coming Real Soon Now, and We Mean It This Time for Sure

Missed this one from a couple weeks ago. Via the Action Figure Insider forums comes this Q&A with Mattel at Cool Toy Review:

Cool Toy Review: From a die-hard LSH fan...any new info you can share on action figures from the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Mattel: We will have a new JLU 4 pack on MattyCollector in Spring of 2009 featuring LOSH characters. We also have plans to bring them into other toy lines as well. We are all fans of Legion and eagerly want plastic versions of the 31st centuries greatest super team. The JLU pack will contain Brainiac 5.

This line was announced in San Diego over the summer. You'll recall that Mattel promised a toy line last year, but that was cancelled amid reportedly low orders.

This toy line would be based on the "Far From Home" episode of the "Justice League Unlimited" series a couple years ago, not the recent Legion series.

With Brainiac 5 confirmed, I suspect the other three might be Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Cosmic Boy, who appeared in the earlier "New Kids in Town" episode of the Superman series.

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